Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i-weekly interview... @ casual poet!

in the xmas week issue of I-weekly, we are Almost Famous...

myself, carrie and diya!


thanks poh choo for the beautiful afternoon...
she took time out to listen to us,
we shared about how we grew up, grew different from the past,
how we are dealing with our present,
and how we we want our future to be like.

this interview was filled with much laughter, even tears...

carrie and I knew each other... about 5 or 6 years back maybe?
we were in the same singing class in Music Forest, from Ocean Butterflies.

diya was my junior in NTU's School of Communication,
and was practically enslaved to my Final Year Project!
she was one who couldn't say no to helping friends, and in fact always the first to offer help...

in fact, during my brief stint in Project Superstar,
3 of us hung out together ... and carrie and diya grew closer when i left! haha

and they went straight to the top of the competition, clinching 1st and 2nd of the female category! :)

History aside,
we spent hours at Casual Poet for the interview,
and we all drawn to the cosy nook of a cafe, thronged with independent music, books, stationary,
perfect for lazy afternoons catching up with old friends, looking out the window, deciding what to eat...

there are tons of such cafes in Taiwan,
but so few in Singapore!

we don't need more glitzy cafes,
we want more independent style!

Open from 12pm-11pm,
273B New Bridge Road
It's on the 2nd floor above some block corner kopitiam :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

071008 David Tao Concert in Tianjin

long overdue update.....
(you know i havent blogged about David Tao's concert in Beijing... it was in MARCH!!!!
i extended my trip and took off to the Great Wall and Forbidden Palace...
too many pictures and I procrastinated till erm... NEVER.)

This Tianjin trip was so unexpectedly cold!

We took off to the shopping malls first night we were there to buy huge jackets...

Lucky it was just a 5 minute taxi ride from where we were staying,
chock full with Sephora, Zara, and pretty nice China brands such as Only, Vero Moda etc

chilly temperatures froze the sky over


basking in the sun in my new jacket!

you think he fell, or just fell asleep?

china demonstrates THEIR way of chair logisitics.

and that you don't need glitzy offices to sell tickets.


happy birthday jingles!

celebration during soundcheck!
the cake was sooooo creamy no one dared to eat much of it due to the milk scare! hah

on show day, i came with my other new eskimo jacket.

no regard for fashion whatsoever-
we made do with shiny stockings that would put any auntie to shame!!!

too cold...
i donned a woolly scarf with my summer frock
and elisa added sleeves to her spacesuit.

the crowd ... crackling the cold air with their fiery passion

on our way home,
flight delay at tianjin... and we were stuck at the beijing airport for hours
testing out my webcam

first time at the new airport :)


ps. this is not our luggage - just another demonstration of china logistics.... :p

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

jacky fever...


relive AMEI concert in Hong Kong!
i am behind Jacky Cheung!!!

thanks a million Vanesa for sending me this!

also to all who sent me pictures or youtube videos of myself at concerts,
what would i do without yo guys!!!

... and Merry Xmas! :D

Monday, December 22, 2008

201208 Amei Concert in Hong Kong

1st time performing at Asiaworld Expo!

This venue was right next to the airport,
so we stayed faaaar from the city.

took the airport express to town
met up with some friends...

happened to catch this show!
Merry Blue Christmas sponsored by Blue Girl Beer


artistes included 关楚耀,谢安琪,Hotcha, 应昌佑,周柏豪,卫诗(卫兰's sister)
& 方大同!!!

i waited for him all night...

doing his thang

(ps. i'm available for hire as backup vocalist! hehe)

i especially liked kay's sense of style -
it was obvious that everyone had to don something blue for the night,
and while everyone else came in a blue top,
she stood out in this :)

24-hour American breakfast @ the flying pan :)
for those illogical late night cravings...

caught the last airport express back to the hotel...
it was a ghost town.

i don't think i have been alone at an unearthly hour
in a strange wide space like the Expo
in a foreign land
with not a single human being in sight.

i snapped many pictures of myself walking home
at random


just in case i got kidnapped along the way by aliens.


and i kinda like them blurry pix :)

and show day was AWESOME.

i can finally gush like a #1 groupie here!!!!

me: 学友哥!OMG!!! 你是我的偶像!

jacky: 哇。。。那我现在知道你几岁咯!

who can top amei ?? or jacky???? nobody!!!



thanks to lu for sending me this!
all of us - the backing vocalists, guitarists and bassist stood in a line and sang 头发乱了!

Amei sang the 1st half of the song, and
Jacky appeared for the 2nd half.... the crowd went berserk!

That's when we came down to join in the fun!

This was her new opening outfit for the show :)

Amei was as usual great with the crowd,
the last time she held a concert here was 7 years ago!

Only in HK can you get away with such dramatic outfits! haha!

my view of her poofy dress

All glittered up for Hong Kong

with amazing props!
that look absolutely unreal here...

thanks to Ines for this!

the live editing team at work by the stage

navin's new hair!

the bridge across the centre of the stadium brought Amei closer to her fans...
another great show draws to an end!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

amei's concert in HK in 18 hours

i'm back in my 2nd Favourite Asian City of the Month - Hong Kong.
(1st favourite being HOME of course,
and it's my favourite Asian City of the Month because...
it might change.

we're staying right next to the airport,
far far away from the city,
since the venue of Amei's Star Concert will be at Asiaworld Expo.

I am blogging because I am bursting to meet the special guest for tomorrow!
I wanted to announce my excitement here!!!
but as i am typing, i don't know if it's meant to be a SURPRISE guest,
i can't blab.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

rabbit without ears

super hot german actor in keinohrhasen (rabbit without ears) - Til Schweiger
how could such divine hotness slip beneath the radar of our mass cultural consumption madness, on my side of the world?

I know I seldom gush about hot men in my blog.
But it was the first time I watched a German film
(thank god for long plane flights that allows for exploration)
and I loved this film!

It is your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, but it was smart, witty, refreshing
and filled with beautiful people and cute little kids! *swoon*

What's not to like about a macho charming hunk who reveals his sweet side with children???

I heard it's showing on local screens so go catch it! (or maybe this post is too late)
It's the number 1 German movie of the year!

PS. I just read that he is also the director, producer and scriptwriter of the film.
O_o *melts in to a puddle*


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