Monday, May 2, 2011

back here...

this blog has suffered an identity crisis ever since the wave of social media and the launch and marketing of my album!

i have been distracted by twitter, facebook and weibo so much -
the constant need for short status updates,
funny pictures,
the lastest news about my promotional appearances,
the where i've been, what i've done, who i've seen...

the statistics on how many Likes i've had,
how many comments...
it would be really nice to not know the numbers!

i've long removed the blog hit counter and i don't know how many people are reading this,
so i can pretend that nobody is,
and i can say whatever i want without any pressure of knowing whether you LIKE this or NOT.

for the record,
all promotional news will be on the official
and i had an AWESOME time in Hong Kong recently!!

but usually, by the time i'm done organising the photos on facebook i'm too tired to write about my thoughts in any depth.

and by the time i have any time to sit down and recount my gratitude, the promotions would have been weeks back.

i have thought of closing this blog
and moving on to a next chapter of my life
(maybe onto tumblr?)
but i feel drawn to my roots
(and here you can even scroll back to 5 years ago and check whether i've done any plastic surgery)
and i need space like this to vent.

the last i felt this way about this blog was in October,
just when the promotions were starting.

i see a pattern now:
there seems to be a desperation to cling onto the "who you really are" before you embark upon a slew of promotions which allows the media/critics/reviews to define who you are.

i'm back here now,
because promotions have ended,
and i am looking within myself to create the next album,
and i am back to writing,
which is more than just a touch of inspiration or spontaneous sharing,
it is dedication and commitment to sit at my keyboard, to hold my guitar, and to share the best of me that i can muster.

i am blessed to be able to create music, and i treat this gift with respect, and a little fear sometimes...


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