Monday, November 7, 2016

what to eat at Fremantle/Margaret River!

when at Fremantle...

1. Cicerellos Fish and Chips

Travelling as a couple means you can only try so much food,
especially when Aussie portions are generous.

When confronted with the eternal Cicerellos VS Kailis dilemma at Fremantle,
one can only rely on the trust you place in your good friends' taste buds.

The Traditional Fish and Chips 
was nice!
I definitely liked the texture of the fish.

I later found out from another friend who had some Premium fish or whatever,
that she asked what was the difference between Traditional and Premium
and found out that  mine was frozen fish and not fresh caught. 

Isn't Traditional meant to be the best since it started?
huh huh huh?

We had the crispy prawns bucket
which you should not have.
Save your calories for something else.

Friday, November 4, 2016

What to eat in PERTH! (and what not to...)

1. Sayers Sister
Best Brunch ever.

I enjoyed this so much that my local friend said I should then try the main cafe
Sayers Food.

Warm rustic vibes here with vintage armchairs and ornate lights

I had the beetroot salmon gravlax with the famous scrambled eggs

and Alfred had the Potato Rosti which was super delish!

Hot Chocolate done right!
This came in a luscious creamy jug topped with coconut flakes,
and chunks of white and dark chocolate in shot glasses,
with 2 marshmellows.


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