Friday, December 30, 2016

Domohorn Wrinkle from Japan!

One of the most luxuriously hydrating skincare I've ever used! ðŸ™†ðŸ»

Monday, November 7, 2016

what to eat at Fremantle/Margaret River!

when at Fremantle...

1. Cicerellos Fish and Chips

Travelling as a couple means you can only try so much food,
especially when Aussie portions are generous.

When confronted with the eternal Cicerellos VS Kailis dilemma at Fremantle,
one can only rely on the trust you place in your good friends' taste buds.

The Traditional Fish and Chips 
was nice!
I definitely liked the texture of the fish.

I later found out from another friend who had some Premium fish or whatever,
that she asked what was the difference between Traditional and Premium
and found out that  mine was frozen fish and not fresh caught. 

Isn't Traditional meant to be the best since it started?
huh huh huh?

We had the crispy prawns bucket
which you should not have.
Save your calories for something else.

Friday, November 4, 2016

What to eat in PERTH! (and what not to...)

1. Sayers Sister
Best Brunch ever.

I enjoyed this so much that my local friend said I should then try the main cafe
Sayers Food.

Warm rustic vibes here with vintage armchairs and ornate lights

I had the beetroot salmon gravlax with the famous scrambled eggs

and Alfred had the Potato Rosti which was super delish!

Hot Chocolate done right!
This came in a luscious creamy jug topped with coconut flakes,
and chunks of white and dark chocolate in shot glasses,
with 2 marshmellows.

Monday, September 5, 2016

七年之氧 Official Concert Music Video

七年之氧 CHI Concert / 17 Jun 2016 / Esplanade Concert Hall 
Presented by Cross Ratio Entertainment and proudly supported by Starker Music and Peugeot.

Directed, shot and produced by Ideally Yours (

Available on 
Physical Album

With 3 full-length albums released regionally and 3 albums released exclusively in Japan, 
Tay Kewei finally held her highly-anticipated concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

Opening Acts: Fillory and The Façade.
Guest Artistes: Bonnie Loo, Tay Soon Dee (Kewei's father) and Alfred Sim
Featuring Matthew Siew on piano, Clarence Yeo on guitar, Lu Heng on keyboard, Clarence Chung on bass, Josiah Suthan on percussion, Nazreen Mohd on drums

词曲:郑可为 / 唐达



I want you to know

OH 不放手
OH 不回头
OH 付出后才值得拥有

OH 不回头   
OH 付出后才值得拥有




OH 不放手
OH 不回头
OH 付出后才值得拥有

OH 不回头   
OH 付出后才值得拥有

Monday, August 1, 2016

Midnight blue flames at Kawah Ijen/Ijen Crater - East Java AdventuresPart 1

My job takes me places I never even knew I was missing out on...

Trekking through sulphur fumes in the middle of the night, 
watching the light dawn upon the misty alien landscape 
that is Ijen Crater...

Ploughing through the black sea of sand towards Mt Bromo

Standing at the edge of an active volcano Mt Bromo!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

找回那感觉 - 郑可为 x 沈志豪 (联合早报MV)

#找回那感觉 æ­£å¼å¯åŠ¨!






又作了一夜的梦 却没有精彩画面 风好像决定冬眠 这城市打着呵欠 嘿
我没有什么欠缺 太幸福成了缺点 太多太快的风景 教人生变成翻阅
找一天 有一天 去看看蓝天 每朵白云的瞬间 都看到永远
这世界 一直变 醒来是新的诗篇 好感谢 还有你 陪着我迎接每一天 嘿 好感动 还有你 陪着我拥抱每一天
找一天 就今天 找回那感觉 每个呼吸的瞬间 都沧海桑田 我不怕 有改变 只要有你在身边 好感谢 还有你 陪着我迎接每一天 嘿 好感动 还有你 陪着我拥抱每一天

Monday, July 18, 2016

学会 - 郑可为 (8频道《绝世好工》插曲)

Mediacorp's blockbuster drama Dream Job ç»ä¸–好工  features my song as the subtheme song!
Rebecca Lim 林慧玲 sang a lovely version of this too!

Shot by Ideally Yours (
Recorded at Edric Hwang's Studio at Ark @ Gambas
Guitar courtesy of Gibson SG


拍下重叠 爱你的回忆

第一次  å¹¸ç¦é‚£ä¹ˆç¬ƒå®š

我终于明白 双手存在的意义

是你让我  å­¦ä¼šåŽ»ç›¸ä¿¡
是你让我  å­¦ä¼šä¸æ”¾å¼ƒ
而遇见你  æ˜¯æœ€ç¾Žä¸½çš„风景

Saturday, July 9, 2016

dream honeymoon at club med finolhu, maldives

all photos and videos by Ideally Yours

This dream honeymoon.
We couldn't have imagined something more perfect.


Newly opened in Feb 2015, 
Club Med Finolhu was exclusive, private and so romantic...

We stayed in the Sunset Water Villa,
where our bedroom, living room and bathroom faced the sea.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rexults Clinic + Medspa

How experimental are you with facial treatments?

I would say I've tried different kinds of facials, from microdermabrasion, to light therapy, IPL, and recently fractional laser to rid of my pitted acne scars. 

I've worked out some sort of skincare routine coupled with laser treatments from skin doctors, that have worked well in stabilizing my skin condition,

I was recently invited to try the Rexults program at the Clinic and Medspa, and it has been my 3rd time at  the clinic over these past weeks, and I must say I am very impressed, and excited to see the results.

At the apothecary bar at Rexults Medspa after my first ReClarify treatment!

Dr EP Wong is in his late sixties, and one of the most established skin doctors in Singapore. His clients are loyal taitais from Indonesia, and his product line Epiderma, now known as Rexults, is also well known for its efficacy.

My main problems are clogged pores from frequent makeup, pitted scars on my cheek area, and some  pigmentation. I also had old scars on my back from acne problems :(

Dr Wong was an endearing man who was quick to reassure me that my case was simple, and prescribed me a very simple skin-care routine (only 3 products!!!) that I was really insecure about!

It was a cleanser for dry and sensitive skin (I always thought I was  in the Oily skin category), and oil control product (for oily zones) and foundation sunscreen.

No moisturizer! No whitening serum! I was really uncomfortable with that since I was used to skincare routines with at least 4 steps (cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize - as we are all sold by commercial product lines)

He said, nah you don't need it. Just drink more water. Cut out simple sugars like white rice, white bread, and eat healthy!

Simple, no gimmicks, back to basics. I like his purist approach and decided he was right.

I want to add that  this foundation sunscreen is an EXCELLENT product.
Honestly I'm sometimes lazy with sunscreen as I already have moisturizer and makeup base, and I have not found a good sunscreen that doesn't mess with my foundation texture.

This sunscreen is also such a great foundation that I skip don't even use foundation makeup now!

Everyone's prescribed program is different - I started with a ReClarify Face Therapy at the MedSpa, a microdermabrasion procedure with zero downtime. It was the MOST thorough and detailed microdermabrasion I have ever experienced (and I have done this many times), and it was from my neck all the way to my hairline, and the rexults really showed.

Can I add that I could choose my mood lighting for my room, as well as the music! I was suitably impressed and went with cool jazz and blue light for ultimate relaxation.

The next step of my program was a Clarity laser treatment per month for 3 months, to prep my skin before a sublative (more invasive) radiofrequency procedure to rid of my scars and pores. In between the Clarity laser treatment, the MedSpa would provide soothing hydrating face therapy as needed.

In the meantime, the Rexults products would also help to reduce the oil in my skin and would make more pores look smaller, and skin texture more refined.

Will be updating my journey as I progress!

Check them out at , located at Tong Building, between Paragon and Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My first TV role in Channel U's Blissful Living

My very first role on TV is, unsurprisingly,
not too far a departure from my real life!

I play a university undergrad who dreams of becoming a singer
and encourages a fellow dreamer to chase after 
what his heart tells him... 
instead of his head :)

I'm grateful to director Sam Loh for believing in me and 
allowing me a shot at TV acting.

 I really enjoyed myself, 
I remember bouncing on set at the hawker centre at 11pm,
ready to shoot till the wee hours of the morning,
when the rest of the cast and crew had already been at it for the entire day
and were not in the highest of spirits!

In line with the bright cheery personality of my character,
I managed to keep my enthusiasm level throughout the shoot,
(particularly fueled by newcomer vibes)
and I look forward to more of such experiences!

Big thanks to Elvin Tian for editing my excerpts for this showreel!


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