World Tours 2005-2010

i started touring way before Facebook started,
before I started blogging here. :)

I even blogged on another site for my first tour with David Tao,
but that is non-existent anymore 0_0

David Tao Love Can World Tour
2005 Aug Shanghai
2005 Sep Beijing
2005 Nov Singapore
2006 Jan Taipei
2006 Apr Hong Kong
2006 Oct Kuala Lumpur
2007 Apr Toronto, Canada

JJ Lin Just JJ World Tour
2010 Aug Beijing - The One with MY BIRTHDAY!
2007 Oct Shanghai - The One with the Merlion
2006 Dec - Taipei
2006 Sep - Wuhan
2006 Jul - Genting Highlands
2006 Jun - Singapore
2006 Jun - Shanghai

David Tao We Are All Wooden Men World Tour

2009 Aug Macau - The One with the Partying
2008 Oct Tianjin - The One with the Shiny Stockings
2008 Oct Jakarta - The One with No Night Nor Day
2008 Oct Xi'An - The One with Terracotta Warriors!
2008 Sep Macau - The One with the Psychedelic Room
2008 May Shanghai - The One with New Clothes
2008 Apr Singapore - The One where I replace Jolin Tsai & I defend Singapore pride
2008 Mar Hong Kong - The One where with Kenny Bee!
2008 Mar Beijing - The One with the Great Wall
2007 Dec Guangzhou - The One with the Photos and the 金沙汤丸
2007 Oct Taipei - The One with the Blue DTFC Shirt & Getting Tangled
2007 Sep Guiyang - The One with the Moutai (53% rocket fuel)
2007 July Nanjing - The One with China touring in a nutshell
2007 July Shanghai - The One where we got Drenched by Rain, Emotion and Music All At once

The Rest

2009 Oct DT69 is released
2008 Feb Macau - Grand Opening of Hotel Ponte 16
2007 Aug Guangzhou - Hennessy Artistry Party

Amei Star Tour
2009 Apr Taipei - The One with Me and the White Microphone
2008 Oct Tianjin - The One with the Crazy Dancers
2008 Oct Singapore - The One with the Time Loop Revelation
2008 Oct Chengdu - The One with 花椒
2008 Aug Hong Kong - The One with Jacky Cheung and Me Revealing My Age To Him
Random Amei Tour FAQ
2007 Dec Taipei - The One with the Christmas Bathrobes & Rehearsals
2007 Nov Shanghai - The One with the First Time in 80,000 Shanghai Stadium!
2007 Nov Singapore - The One with my favourite 4 sided stage, Lines that Always Make Me Cry

Wang Leehom Music Man World Tour
Leehom Up Close and Personal
2010 Feb Quanzhou - The One with the Gilded Hotel
2009 Sep Xi'An - The One with 曹轩宾
2009 Aug Beijing - The One With Jackie Chan!
2009 May Kuala Lumpur - The One where he Shimmies Close
2009 Jan Las Vegas - The One with Brendan Buckley for the First Time
2009 Jan Macau - The One with Touristy Macau
2008 Nov Singapore - The One with my 3 minutes of Fame / Me on the Big Screen YAY
2008 Oct Shanghai - The One with F1 Shanghai
2008 Sep Taipei - The One with the Mid Autumn BBQ
2008 Sep Taipei - The One where we Rehearse for Two Weeks

With that I launched into my solo career through a very uncertain period in C-Pop... :p

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