Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shoutout for our local designers/sponsors!

In this episode I would like to thank all the local designers/sponsors who have dressed me ^_^

alldressedup is an international fashion label that embodies the free-spirited and spontaneous charm in its collection drawing inspiration from the various life experiences of the confident, stylish and urban-minded women who are not swayed by fleeting seasonal trends. 

Lovely neckline details, at ChiJazz 2010
A sharp looking A-line dress,
at SHINE Youth Festival 2011
Channelling Sammi Cheng in this getup and hair!

With Ngak, at the MDA New Talent Feature Grant launch

Amanda Lee
AMANDA LEE COUTURE creating wearable ART

Sleek cheongsam for Dick Lee's
Return of the Mad Chinaman concert 2012

This cheongsam was specially designed for my MIDEM showcase in France 2012,
but unfortunately my luggage was lost in transit and came 2 days late....
and I didn't get to wear this for my show in France...

Military chic for Singapore Hit Awards 2011

with Jim Lim & David Tan!
i paired it with knee high boots!

Caramel & Co. (Mel Chen)
Caramel & Co., established since 2008, is headed by Mel Chen.
It started by offering bespoke services on evening gowns and dresses for ladies who want to look have a unique look on their special occasion. The company grew and today it incorporated 3 other labels: Mel Chen Bridal, Mel Chen Luxe and Provocacy.

At the SingaPOP concert with Dick Lee, Kit Chan and Lee Weisong :)
This colorful dress was perfect for the theme of the night!

This leggy breezy dress was also
great for the outdoor concert!

This bespoke dress was specially made for my 2nd album Fallin,
and was featured in the MV with a removable shoulder piece!
Had to wear it at my album launch at Switch, Timbre! :)

Here's the dress without the shoulder piece, for simple elegance. :)
This is at the post-Dick Lee concert with dearie Alemay Fernandez and
maestro Tsung Yeh, conductor of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra!

Episene (Lee Yunting)
Episene is a fashion label created for stylish modern individuals.
The word Episene originates from the word epicene, which means "belonging to or partaking of the characteristic of both genders". Our main inspiration behind the designs are the drawing of elements from both genders and blending them together, coming up with a design that's uniquely Episene.
Yunting is one of the new designers at Parco, Millennia Walk
whose designs i love!This one features an asymmetrical caped shirt
and cigarette pants, and i specially cornrows for this look!

super proud of her at the Audi Fashion Festival!!! <3

KOOPS (Keith Png)
KOOPS specializes in well-made dresses that exude comfort and confidence. Using mainly silk and cotton, KOOPS takes into consideration individuals’ body shapes and curves to create dresses that conceal flaws and enhance assets. KOOPS limited pieces are well sought after by women with style who appreciate quality.

Love this dress to bits!!!
 This was at the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival 2011 :)
Both JJ Lin and I represented Singapore at this festival.

Love the neckline and the ruffles <3
This was my dress for the opening :)

Do as the Koreans do!!!
Acting cute with The Boss from Korea
This was my first dress for my song Ke Bu Ke Yi!
This is my second dress for the song Where Do I Begin :)
Perfect for standing next to Super Junior Siwon!!!!!!!
I later wore this in
Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011
with very different hair :)
Another eyecatching dress for the festival press conference

I was given a perfect 10 for the Singapore Hit Awards 2010 lookbook for this bareback beauty!!!
This was also the year I  won the Media's Choice for Local New Artiste!

This shirt dress that was had a translucent shoulder detail is a great twist on the boyfriend shirt :)
Featured in i-weekly's review of Crazyworld Cafe, my fave little nook that features local art, music, design and lifestyle :)

Satin silk and denim jumpsuit for the feature in 8 Days

Love this bold striped asymmetricla dress!
This was featured in my 3D shoot of a mini studio concert :)

Toga with detailed shoulder cut-outs,
at a performance with JJ Lin during COMPASS Awards Presentation 2010.

Presenting the big winner!
Purple gown for a private event

Noel Caleb (Eileen)
Noël Caleb means Christmas and Devotion combined.
With the spirit of thanksgiving, here’s a label sewn with heart and love.
As you wear a piece of Noël Caleb, may you remember to find a spark of Christmas in you every day!

At the Orchard Road Christmas Light Up Ceremony
with Guest of Honour our President Mr Tony Tan!

Love the unique fabric and colours!

Christmas in the Tropics,
 look forward to the lightup in Orchard Road
every year :)

A funky outfit for the MeRadio Rocks concert at the Marina :)
At the anniversary party of Noel Caleb at Parco, Millennia!

Pauline Ning
PAULINE.NING is an asia designer fashion label based in Singapore. We produce urban ready-to-wear feminine designer clothing with a touch of edginess, bringing together contemporary fashion and traditional handcrafted work.

For the Christmas at the Tropics press conference!

Feature in AsiaX

This black and white cutout shirt is amazingly detailed,
and super stylish!

womb is a concept that comes out of the protection for women, after they have left the protective environment of their mother's womb. womb is contemporary, innovative and expressive.

Featured in Cleo,
 the structured top and bottom are great for shoots!

Understaed colours for this wraparound top
at the NEA EcoMusic Challenge 2010

Dress down chic
for my Crazyworld Cafe performance
At the Singapore Hit Awards 2010 roadshow
At the Via Ferrata Wall Challenge 2010

Young & Restless (Ashburn Eng)
Established in August 2010, young&restless is a womenswear line designed by Ashburn Eng. young&restless is made for the free-spirited, confident and unpretentious woman, who is sophisticated yet, bold enough to daydream. She is forever young and down-right restless. Within its first year, young&restless has successfully produced four seasonal collections and two diffusion collections.

On Good Morning! Singapore
 talking about the trip to MIDEM Festival in Cannes, France :)
It was Chinese New Year!

Signature obi belt <3

Kasaya dress at Earth Hour 2012

Sheer top with pant/skirt combo!!!
for the Channel 8 2011 Countdown Party

Flowy caped dress for the Singapore Music Showcase
 at the Asia TV Forum 2011

Understated luxury dresses that play on the juxtaposition of drapery and edginess, which will exude the silhouette and confidence of the wearer. Every piece is a new outcome, no two dresses are exactly the same.

outstanding colours in this sharp dress!

for the Peugeot 308cc photoshoot!

Other sponsors!!!

Surrealist Love Scene
Shoes: Irregular Choice, Poetic Licence, Shito
Bags: 72smalldive
Lifestyle: Rain pumps, Rain coats
Bath & Body: Les Floralies (Made in New Zealand...Naturally)

SHOES!!! this was the very first Irregular Choice pair that I bought!
i was introduced to Irregular Choice by my stylist Dolphin Yeo,
and I bought it straightaway and took it home after the album shoot!
Wore it for the MV Shoot for Ke Bu Ke Yi as well :)

And at the Audi Fashion Festival with
Delphine Murat leggings!

quirky, cute, funky all in one

my shoes got all the attention from Daniel Ong! at Shine Youth Festival

picked out this pair for my Fallin album launch!

cute booties

Haven't had a chance to wear this yet, but I love them!!
All from Irregular Choice!


at the Peugeot showroom launch


At the Puma Social Party

my pumped up kicks 

All hair featured here, by the incredible Shunji Matsuo team! :D

Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio
Comb, Haruka, Gerard and Kiko and especially Elly-san and many others who have helped!
with Comb during Hong Kong promo!

with Gerard and Jyue Huey from the Makeup Room :)

with Haruka! she is now based in Taipei... miss her!

Thank you all once again for your loving touches and beautiful outfits!!!!!!!



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