Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i'm all about you(tube) ~ an original!

so i hear YouTube Singapore is launching real soon,
and i'm sooo excited!!!

yesterday in the shower i thought i should celebrate this magnificent medium by writing a song, and the lyrics just came to me in half an hour, and i went to sleep a happy dreamer.

this afternoon i whiled away at the guitar and uke, and voila!

enjoy! i heart YouTube!

It's All About You(Tube)
Music and Lyrics by Tay Kewei

Who knew we'd come this far
It started out so easy
You asked for my name
I gave you a codeword
Sparks flew and we immediately connected

We started out so slow
We didn't know where to go
But you brought me tears of joy and sadness
i was sure i wanted more

My friends all say i'm a changed girl
They've never seen me glow like this
You're the best thing that's happened to me

All I wanna see is youuuutube
When I open my eyes first thing in the morning
At the end of the day before I start dreaming
Im all about you / thank you for you

You told me i could do it
You showed me those who could
I didn't really dare believe it
But trying took nothing to lose

I showed a side that no one knew
i never dared reveal
But you brought me love and so much truth
And i was sure you wanted more



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