Friday, December 31, 2010

可不可以 (This Too Shall Pass) Official MV

made through sweat, sun, fire and tears...

i would like to thank
Cheong H.H for directing this MV,
led by Jacie and her team at Playhouse Pictures
for my very FIRST solo MV...

and my company folks
for braving the sun, rain, mud, dust and dirt together with me for the 20 hour shoot...

Behind the Scenes pictures coming next! ^_^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Philharmonic Winds Goes Pop... again!


tis my 2nd collaboration with the Philharmonic Winds! ^_^

this time round, other than singing
Where Do I Begin &
Catch me I Am Falling
from the album,
my own Plastic Mannequin Love was also arranged in full-blown pixie-dust magical philharmonic style!!!

definitely a milestone for me this time round... much thanks to Jiin Joo for his arrangement,
and also to Adrian Cheong for this opportunity! :)



1st time i met Nathan Hartono, super charming with a great voice...

with the conductor Adrian Chiang! :)

not everytime I get to don a long gown for a show... :p

definitely looking forward to more cross-genre collaborations!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

可不可以 MV Sneak Peek!

i am speechlessly excited about this MV,
which the crew from Playhouse Pictures, led by director Cheong H.H,
tirelessly and passionately worked on to fulfil our dream of the perfect MV.

we had time constraint (had to shoot within a day - 6am - 3am!!!)
budget constraint... (more costs incurred on shoot than was imagined)
weather constraint (our outdoor location was completely rained out!)

but with trembling hands i present this to you...

so much hard work was put in by the film crew,
that i pushed myself to my limits and gave all i could...
just so i wouldn't let them down...

the full version is coming very soooon!


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