Tuesday, December 31, 2013

luxurious getaway at Sri Panwa

This is our No. 19 villa at Sri Panwa, on the southeastern tip of Phuket,
amid the hills, overlooking the sea :)

Be sure to request for No. 19, which has one of the best views!

The hall opens straight into our pool...
which we dipped in the moment we woke,
lazing around in the afternoon,
and in the middle of the night :)

The in house sound system piped music to every corner of the villa,
at just the right volume, creating just the right mood.
There was a Chillout Lounge playlist, Bossa playlist, Sunset playlist.... perfect for every mood.

I think the music tripled the feel good factor of our holiday for sure.
We tried to rip the music off the iPod but there was no way... :(

We fell in love with Lisa Ekdahl on this trip..

In fact I even tried googling to see if  I could find the music at Sri Panwa,
and it is found!!!

Not exactly a good replica of the playlist at the Villa,
but it's an interesting eclectic mix of songs :)

Our view from the poolside pavilion

Lunch at our pavilion - beef salad, sashimi, tomyumgoong!!!

Our jacuzzi bathtub with a cutout window and stained glass accents

Private sundeck chairs we never had the time to use :p

We while away in the pool and caught this before leaving for dinner...
a perfectly framed sunset.

This is Baba Poolclub :)

We headed back to our pool again in the evening...

Morning dip in the pool...

Perfect weather framed for posterity

When Mother Nature puts up the most spectacular light show....
We rushed to Baba's Nest just in time, which boasted the #1 sunset view in Phuket!

Here's a distorted 360 degree view

which you can view in full glory using this immersive viewer - http://www.dermandar.com/p/dbczSe

Taken by DMD panorama app, one of the best apps for panoramic photos! 

It was a square platform surrounded by an infinity pool and the endless sea,
and we had the best seats in the house!

It's times like these when we feel so small in front of Mother Nature...
that our problems seem to fade away...

We woke early the next morning, donned our tights and headed straight to the highlight of our trip,
a healthy pre-breakfast yoga session by the sea!


And we headed for a hearty breakfast after -
Freshly made chocolate chip and banana pancakes that i had 2 servings of!

Eggs benedict and truffle sauce


French toast and waffles, breakfast of champions.

We made our guide take photos of us while we pretended to be calendar girls

Ended off the trip with another spa session...
"Plead chood body scrub and wrap naka..."

They smelt so yummy we almost wanted to eat them!
Coffee chocolate scrub, ginger scrub, green tea scrub....
Aloe vera gel wrap, clay wrap.... etc...

We share our lives, our dreams, our past and our future... 
Looking forward to our next getaway ^__^

Monday, December 16, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

6 Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Reactiv Personal Training Trial

Give the gift of health!
Get in shape for the New Year as we feast during the holiday season!

I have been training with Reactiv for almost a year now,
on weekly sessions!

They can workout anytime, anywhere,
using resistance bands and body weight training.


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