Sunday, July 27, 2008

addicted to my own songs.

i am rediscovering the joys of creation!

been intensively conceptualising the direction of my album,
thinking about how i want each song to be like:
the instrumentation,
the feel,
the vibe,
the story...

i now hear every song in relation to my album template,
and such a focused direction is very... energising :)

i must say,
that i'm still in the very early stages of production,
this may take half a year or so to bear fruit.

wait for it.. wait for it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

events galore

thrilled to be part of the launch of the
Omega - Official Timekeeper for Olympics Exhibition at Paragon :)

chinois getup in honour of Beijing!

the event was graced by the likes of Ivy Lee, Kym Ng, Felicia Chin etc
and right after the chinese drums solo
Dennis and I opened the show with our erhu-violin duet!

We performed the original piece written by Bass Maestro Ken Chung from KL,
a piece entitled "Son of A Chinese".

I love this song!
It will be in Dennis Lau's album :)

my recent trip to KL involved intensive recording sessions for
"Son of A Chinese" :)

Dennis - erhu producer

Joe - sound engineer

Dennis wrote a charity song for Independent Pet Rescuers in Malaysia,
and myself + Joe penned the lyrics for this song called Kindness :)
This song will involve several singers from KL,
and I recorded some parts as well :)

I also met Pete Teo,
a fascinating singer-songwriter from KL who is making it big in Korea! :D
Love his style, do check out his music!

Anyway back to the show!

we had an awesome time, thanks to shirley and jasmine!

with music buddies, the usual suspects ;P

matrimonial moments ;P

chief photographer Willy from LiveStudios,
which makes every event so memorable!

Of course we had to max out on camwhoring with LiveStudios around :p

With David from LiveStudios as well :)

just had to...


also performed for Magnum's latest icecream launch,
I am Eva and I can't resist Magnum.....

was also part of the Andrew Lum's New Asia band
featuring a stellar cast of
Jessica on sanxian
Colin on bass/Chinese flute
Joe on percussion
Zubir on gambus
Andrew on guitar

which opened for Singapore International Water Week,
@ the forum for international delegates.
VVVIPs included Lee Hsien Loong, Teo Chee Hian, etc!

right before show :)

during rehearsal :)

oh, and singfest, are you going?
i am soooooo psyched about the 3 August show!
Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz, Stacie Orrico, PUSSYCAT DOLLS!!! HAHA!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

何維健 Derrick Hoh〈無法歸類〉!


等了那麼久… 真的好久好久…

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the new paper

likes us :)


the song you hear playing from my blog now,
is said song Xie Xie Ni, Jiu Shi Ni :)

i was also briefly mentioned in the New Paper
on the same day ZPGY was featured :)

This was for the Magnum event @ Barfly...


i have a gazillion photos to update re:
* "On The Road" Esplanade Lunchbox Show
* "Walk With You" Showcase featuring Tay Kewei and Dennis Lau @ Bangkok Jazz, KL
* Omega - Official Timekeeper for Olympics Exhibition
(Dennis and I opened the show with our erhu-violin duet!)

too busy!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

alive not dead

spotlight on :)

thanks to the awesome people from HK!

to those not in the know,
it's like MySpace, for asians.

this week particularly, i'm a little half dead actually.

for 3 consecutive days, i had Amei concert rehearsals.
Amei wasn't here, so I had to sing all her lead parts for rehearsals -
including 4 high energy medleys (namely - opening, rock, hip-hop, crazy party ending)
and belted countless ballads.
(actually i just whispered and wheezed through them,
trying not to thrash my voice completely.)

after which i had to rush down to an event -
Magnum icecream launch @ Barfly.
Theme: Sexy Naughty :)
Yummy! I thought it was gonna be balloons and magicians,
but Eva Longoria is the new spokesperson.

she is desperately HOT.
the tagline:
Drooling is permitted. Dripping is not.

after which, rush to Harry's @ Holland V for 3 sets.

The next day, repeat Amei rehearsal,
rush to event -
Milus Timepiece Launch for Visa Infinite cardmembers.
Awesome customised timepieces starting from $80,000. :)

This Milus ladies Merea TriRetro Seconds Skeleton watch features an 18k red gold case, white and gold skeleton dial, and a white alligator strap


Rose-gold, yes please...

I can stare at this watch for hours...

like literally, you know, for the time...

after which, rush to Indochine for another 3 sets...

long awaited weekend break!!!!!!!!!
i haven't stopped singing/recovered,
since my Esplande Lunchbox and Bangkok Jazz showcases...

PS. i used to really like the white Suzuki Swift.
screw that, i've found my new dream car.

Matte Black Nissan GTR.
Parked in front of the hotel, and I couldn't take my eyes off it.




Tuesday, July 1, 2008


my ZPGY aka 猪朋狗友 ... are my best friends :)


there is too much to be said.
there is such a strong emotional core among us,
it can only grow stronger.

how did we get to know each other?
through music, through a common sense of humour.

this group... it grows, and is still growing.


there is too much to be said,
maybe pictures illustrate better.

we came together again, this time for something larger then ourselves.
we got together in a song - a song of gratitude,
in honour of everyone who have helped the Sichuan earthquake victims,
in one way or another.

it is this synergy of team effort
that catapults us to places we never dreamed we could go, alone.

this song means alot to us,
we share much love among ourselves,
and would love to extend it beyond just ZPGY.

謝謝你, 就是你 - 獻給所有四川大地震賑災的英雄

Written by Chanel,
arranged by Ein, with the help of Mark, Jinsei, Mad, Juan etc.
Recorded at Stereoimage Productions
MV edited by Kiss Interactive

Do help spread the link!
謝謝你, 就是你 ^_^

much love,


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