Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My first TV role in Channel U's Blissful Living

My very first role on TV is, unsurprisingly,
not too far a departure from my real life!

I play a university undergrad who dreams of becoming a singer
and encourages a fellow dreamer to chase after 
what his heart tells him... 
instead of his head :)

I'm grateful to director Sam Loh for believing in me and 
allowing me a shot at TV acting.

 I really enjoyed myself, 
I remember bouncing on set at the hawker centre at 11pm,
ready to shoot till the wee hours of the morning,
when the rest of the cast and crew had already been at it for the entire day
and were not in the highest of spirits!

In line with the bright cheery personality of my character,
I managed to keep my enthusiasm level throughout the shoot,
(particularly fueled by newcomer vibes)
and I look forward to more of such experiences!

Big thanks to Elvin Tian for editing my excerpts for this showreel!


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