Saturday, November 29, 2008

i love hongkong!!!

ein and i just performed at the Owner's Club at Happy Valley Race Course...
and came back from the bestest supper..


more mongkok shopping tmr!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


is where i'm headed to this weekend!

ein and i will be flying there together for a wedding gig! :D

i promise myself i will shop in reckless abundance. hohoho!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

jazzy jon

This post is dedicated to Jazzy "mario-music" Jon,
with frantic 120bpm solos at indochine, laced with Nintendo Mario Bros influences...


Jazzy Jon leaves for greener pastures in foggy London -
to pursue his Masters in Music Performance,
so technically Kewei & Co. is no longer... T_T

speaking of which, have quit my 3-nights a week gig at Indochine
because of touring schedule :(
So long, jazzy nights by the river...

Before he left,
i managed to pin him down
and squeeze a solo out of him for my song!
Ru Guo will be rearranged - and most probably end up in my album,
featuring Jazzy Jon in a signature solo!

note: just one hand! no cheating! :D

Sunday, November 16, 2008

041008 Amei Encore Concert in Singapore

Amei was back in Singapore for an encore concert,
and it was sold out.. AGAIN!

Check out my blog entry about the show a year ago :)

I was checking out the stage during rehearsal, and turned to Jim,
"Isn't it scary that one year has past, and now we're here,
at the same place, the same stage, the same people,
gonna be singing the same songs and putting up the same show?"

Singing in a world tour is like living in a time capsule -
you do the same thing on the same stage with the same people,
in different places, that's all.

Now I don't even take many pictures when touring in China,
since all shows in China (except Beijing) are at outdoor stadiums,
and they look almost identical.

I still took looooaaaadddss of pictures this time because i LOVE the 四面台!!!

(i also finally downloaded NJStar so i can now type freely in Mandarin! Yippee!)

Band 第一次那么团结,
大家可以一起跳舞,一起搞怪 =P


jamie & salim


其实是因为没有位啦 。。。


可是请不要怀疑 - 他们的确超级帅。

Jamie的女儿 - 太会摆pose了吧


从来不懂要如何作transition... 就用回老话:
the show begins!






可以和观众一起看show... 实在爽!




不然演唱会照片统统都是拍背面而已... :p

阿妹下一站 - 到西安!
生平一定要看的兵马俑 - 我看到了!! ^_^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NTU Impresario :)

many of you who visit my blog love music, wish to sing,
and need that little push to go up on stage to perform.

as i always say, go forth and sing!

join as many competitions as you can,
know as many like-minded people as you can,
watch and learn from others,
and knock people off their feet with your own style!

NTU Cultural Activities Club (CAC) is holding its annual talent competition auditions NOW NOW NOW!

Join Impresario in these categories -
Vocal Solo, Vocal Group, Dance or Original Composition

Prizes include cash, and lots of enrichment classes to bring you closer to living your dream :)

Kewei, a NTU Alumni, was once Impresario Finalist back in the year 2004!
She was also the composer of the first Impresario Theme Song, in its 12th nationwide talent search competition.

I took part as a vocal group with Ishi Lau in '04,
and sang a medley of oldies!

It was ridiculously fun, we even dressed retro for the show!
And won 1st runner-up! hehe :D

Ishi also took part in the Dance category later,
in a flashy white suit :)

What can I say?
Ishi is no longer in this world now, but we once fought hard for our dreams together.

I'm still fighting now...

I must say... there was a time when I was disillusioned about writing my own music,
cutting my own album independently.

It takes more than just wanting to be famous, wanting to perform.
Being a singer-songwriter is much more than that.

I never considered myself much of a songwriter, I simply loved to perform.

But when Ishi left so abruptly, I was very shaken -
and for a long time I didn't believe that he had gone.

I would think about him alot, from time to time.

And the first song I wrote, in a long long time,
I surprised myself - I wrote the words and melody together.

I always told myself and others, I'm not much of a songwriter, I can't write lyrics blahblahblah
But since then I knew that if there was a story to tell,
if there was a strong conviction to tell,
you could.

It was a song for Ishi,
and because of this song I found a reason to share with the world, what I had to say.

What I wanted to say through my song,
I wanted as many people to hear it as possible.

Maybe it's a way to remember him always.

And this project has only just begun...

Join Impresario!
They'll make such great memories in time to come ... :)

PS. Deadline for registration is 30 Nov :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Carrot Cake Conversations

Ein and I attended the gala premiere of local movie Carrot Cake Conversations,
Michael Wang's directorial debut!

And of course we are there for a reason!

6 months ago,
we were here at Lion Studios,
which does analog recording, on tape... instead of digital recording

Ein on the grand piano, and myself on vocals.

We did our tracks together, live.
What this means is that she played and I sung along at the same time,
so if anyone of us made a mistake we would both have to start over.

Most recordings nowadays are not like this,
the music is usually recorded first and the singer later sings over the track.

I enjoyed this process thoroughly,
we had to feel each other during the song and work together seamlessly.

our experienced audio engineer :)

I recorded 2 songs,
and for each one, we did 5 or less takes ...
and we were done!

I was feeling quite jittery as I was used to re-recording lines to make it sound better, or to emote better,
but both director Michael and composer Kevin Mathews were very pleased with it already!
So I didn't re-record anything
and what you hear is what you get!

Very raw, very real.

Michael, myself, Ein, Kevin, and Jason on guitar :)

actually we are all very tired haha

the hard work paid off!
what you hear now on my blog is a heartwrenching/heartwarming tune
called Always
that appears in the movie... in one of my favourite scenes...

this is Michael giving his speech to a cushy theatre filled with friends and supporters!

Spot Tay Kewei and Lee Ein Ein!
*squeals of delight!*
1st time my name is on a silver screen haha

In all spirit of the movie we headed down for a supper of Carrot Cake!

black or white?

we do the andrea fonseka as in the movie poster...


I know it's been said a million times before,
support the local arts scene blah blah blah

But there is so much effort and energy put into making a film,
so much passion that has to be present to motivate this enormous project... a
nd having being part of it makes me treasure this effort even more.

The least I can do is to help in a little publicity for this very insightful, warm film.

You should also keep your ears peeled for the music in the film of course :)


Visit the official website for more about the story :)

On a side note:

Earlier in the day,
I was at the press conference for the Korean Pop Concert that happened this Tuesday!

I tried to look as Korean as possible.

I was the emcee together with Lee An, Korean singer based in Singapore!

Some new boyband called U-Kiss.
I think they're cute :)

it was my first emceeing experience,
i don't think i'd wanna do it again... haha
i'd rather stick to singing!

Friday, November 7, 2008

011108 Leehom Concert in Singapore

This was the 8th concert in my spate of concerts in the month of October...
so very few pictures :p

i have yet to blog about 5 more ... :p

darling arianna... jamie's daughter
i lurrrrvvveee herrr!
she is wearing pink ear muffs because the drums are too loud
she says she wants to keep her ears quiet :)

we are babysitting in the middle of the stage!

the AMAZING LCD screens that bring leehom so close to everyone of the audience :)


this is you guys!
extremely loud and piercing... now who was the culprit who decided to give you whistles!!

BUT i must say leehom was really really overwhelmed by the passion and warmth of the audience :)

i specially took a picture for the special people in blue :)
spot yourself!


leehom's very hard, very spiky, very shiny... hair

yanzi and kit chan were also sitting in the front row :)

thanks to photowilson!

we get closer to the audience during encore!

my 3 seconds of fame on the big screen :D

how did you find the show??


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