Friday, December 30, 2016

Domohorn Wrinkle from Japan!

One of the most luxuriously hydrating skincare I've ever used! 🙆🏻

I highly recommend this if you have 
very dry and sensitive skin, 
And wrinkles/age spots issues 

Made in Japan
Unavailable in SG yet but hugely popular in Japan and Taiwan, 
Domohorn Wrinkle was first a pharmaceutical company.
It combines the traditional concepts of Chinese medicine and herbs 
with the latest in cutting-edge science and technology,
and smells so good!

Production is limited to only 30 bottles a day,
and this is very important to me as it ensures quality control.

Specialist in Wrinkles and Spots

Unlike Western medicine which targets on treating symptoms, 
Domohorn Wrinkle works on strengthening the fundamental skin power in self-renewal, 
and preventing wrinkles and age spots 
before it happens. 

94.5% Repeat Rate of Usage

Their repeat rate of usage is 94.5%,
and I can totally understand why!

My mum is sharing this current set with me and loves it so much
I've already bought a full set for her even before she finishes this one. 

Natural Ingredients

Domohorn Wrinkle is blended from about 170 carefully selected natural ingredients, 
and 9 of these ingredients are exclusive to Saishunkan

It also uses 0% synthetic coloring and perfumes, and is also paraben free. 

Highest Safety Standards

Domohorn Wrinkle spends 4 hours every day to clean their manufacturing line -

"This consists of 1 hour of disassembly,
2 hours of cleaning and disinfection 
and 1 hour of reassembly.
This is how we maintain the cleanliness - that even enough to perform surgery in our factory."

Whaaaaaattt..... 😱

They also test ALL their products, 
not just random samples.

I find this commitment to quality rare in today's beauty industry, 
and this definitely makes me a reassured customer!

You can read more about this set here:

the first 7 customers will get a free item from the range! 

This full set includes

Refining 3 
Refining 3 restore bare skin by removing all dirt and damage.
This enables Essential 4 to permeate more easily into your skin and maximizes the benefits.

1. Oil-in-gel remover
2. Silky Cream Foam
3. Relieving Foam Mask

Essential 4
These four products do not simply "add" but "multiply" the effect of each product 
to bring out your skin's resilience, clarity and shine from inside out.

4. Intense Hydrator
5. Vital White Essence
6. Cream20
7. Milky Veil Lotion

Daytime Solution
Blocks UV rays and cures damaged skin to pursue the natural beauty of bare aging skin.

8. UV Dress Cream

My fav is Step 4 the Intense Hydrater, which is so plumping and soothing on the skin!

But after a week of usage, 
I really enjoy using the entire range in its specific sequence. 

The application of each item is specific,
some by strokes, some by massage,
and everytime I reach the last step, 
the 'Milky Veil Lotion' has to be spread on your palms
and gently pressed onto your face.

This action seems to "seal in" all the goodness,
and feels really luxurious!

As a first time customer, 
you will get ALL THE ABOVE FOR FREE!!!
PLUS Free Worldwide Delivery!!

That's a 
“Full Series 3-day set with pouch”,
“Trial Set for 3 days” 
and “Rejuvenating Mask (2pcs)” 
In addition, to celebrate Domohorn Wrinkle overseas 5th anniversary,
we present a limited “Kumamon Tumbler” until 31 Mar 2017.

which is an exclusive link for my readers, 
the first 7 customers will get one more free item from the range! 

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