Monday, July 26, 2010

Album Preview Concert at Esplanade ... 27 August! ^_^


i was pleasantly surprised to hear from Esplanade that about 50% of the tickets have been sold!!!

and Esplanade hasn't even sent out their flyers yet!

a big THANK YOU to all of you who have already bought your tickets!
i am so excited about this!

we've just sent the tracks for mastering in Tokyo, it's bound for Bernie Grundman's studio!

we are working hard to get the album out in time for this show,
so you would be able to buy it on 27 August itself before it hits the stores!

You can buy tickets here, or see more info on the Facebook event page :)

thank you once again for your support!
let's sell-out this concert FAST!!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

巫启贤 Eric Moo's Singapore Concert 090710

it was an honour for me to sing with a veteran such as Eric Moo,

and to work with the band leader Jonathan Koh.

and the super awesome band who are mainly Singaporeans!!!

with Seng and Anne, who were dedicated, passionate, hardworking and talented singers!

with Bong on bass and Ruth on keyboards (both I super admire!)

and Jeremy on drums, who popped his concert cherry this time! (who i super admire too!)

here with Jianmin from Taiwan (guitar), Jonathan (guitar/band leader!), Seng and Anne (backing vox), Steven from KL (keyboard), Ruth (keyboard) and Jeremy (drums)

it was a great experience working with band for the first time,
it's been a while since my last concert!

music is really something that grows together with us,
as how eric moo's music has grown together with so many of his audience members!



所以我现在,特别觉得sustainability对歌手/艺人 是最重要的。

this is by far the clearest and widest LED screen i have seen at a concert!
and so many tv screens by the stage!!


听着大家齐声高唱 <<太傻>>,歌词是那种从小就烙印在脑海中,忘不掉的。

可以再次唱梁文福老师的歌,又是在他面前演唱solo, 我很荣幸。


in the same week, we had intensive rehearsals for JJ Lin's new tour,
and I performed with JJ as well at COMPASS Awards...
will update soon! ^_^

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

go paperless.

you know what i need less in my life?

snail mail statements from the bank. the phone company.
bills, notifications, advertisements! so much trash!

who keeps this stuff! or even if you do, do you punch holes and file them like you did in the 90s???

okay for the longest time,
i did the best that i could - i kept all these envelopes/paper that was printed on one side
for future use.


my to-do list.


now i just seem really silly.
i should stop the problem at its source!!

I've spent some time and effort compiling a list of billers for all of you -
I had to sieve through all the intricacies of their websites to pull out the direct link for you.

Please click to receive emails in your email inbox, and not your snail mail box.

No more jammed printers, no more envelope licking, no more dazed workers sorting the mail,
the postmen can chillax and drink some coffee instead of buzzing around pushing paper, no more trees getting killed.

Yes please to bills in my inbox!

Starhub: Call 1637 (no link to be found! argh)
UOB (after logging in to your account, you can click on Manage My Accounts > Stop Sending Account Statement)
Standard Chartered

You could also check out Green Post which offers you a consolidated stop to view e-bills from certain billers.

Green Post is a great idea, but it still hasn't worked out an integrated way of informing the billers to stop snail mail bills once you've signed up for their service.
At this moment, you still have to inform your individual billers to stop snail mail bills.

BUT you can still show your support to go paperless by petitioning to Stop Envelope received from your billers.

I just spent an hour and a half on this!
I dug up more sites and interesting stories on saving our planet, will share soon :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i took my album for a test drive

i ran out of CD-Rs in my home.
none in my sister's room either.

oh! when you need them the most!

i finally bought one, did a rough sequencing of the 13 tracks,
and burnt the 13 unmastered tracks of my album,
but to my dismay, there were 2 error files
so i ended up having only 11 tracks,
on my single, precious, sole CD-R.

11/13 of my album is now spinning on my rides...
what better way to test-drive your album than in the car!

i am slowly but surely feeling the vibe of the album now...


ahh. sequencing is so important!
my sequence 1.0 has proved to be flawed upon first listen,
i'll tweak it upon my next attempt to burn all 13 tracks!

ps. having said that, my boss is in charge of the track sequencing...
but i will hope to give my 2 cents worth :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

write a song for our planet earth!

i'm proud to support this campaign, to spread awareness about our environment! ^_^

i wrote Plastic Mannequin Love some time back,
for no reason,
except to raise awareness about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

now you can write a song for our planet earth,
and win $5000!!! ^_^

More details on the NEA Eco Challenge 2010 here :)

Join them on Facebook to win prizes as well!
I would be performing at various spots for this campaign and you can find out where/when by following this page :)

I wrote new bits for my song, and you can hear them here first :)

"I'm singing a song for our planet earth
Where green and blue collide

But jungles are concrete and the sea's disguised

By all the stuff that got us by

I'm singing a song for our planet earth

To keep in sight and keep in mind

The trash that you owned, that you just threw out

Are still here singing out loud..."

keep writing,
and submit your entries before end of August! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

3D filming this coming Thursday, 8 July ^_^

We are inviting you to be part of Kewei's 3D video shoot, where she will be recording originals from her upcoming debut solo album!

This will be a sneak preview to her brand new songs, performed as an acoustic session, as we experiment with the latest technology in 3D filming :)

Due to space constraint, only 20 audience members are allowed in the studio.

Please send your name and contact number to to secure your names on the guestlist.

More details on Facebook here :)

Hope to see you there!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

BP spills coffee

i've never seen footages of the gulf spill till someone sent me this.

here are live cams on roving mode.

thank you gregg for sharing this with me,
i think everyone needs to see this too.

you can read more about it here on wiki,
or watch a tongue-in-cheek summary here :)


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