Friday, December 23, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka ~ Christmas song from the tropics!

Featuring Tay Kexin! ^_^

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i'm all about you(tube) ~ an original!

so i hear YouTube Singapore is launching real soon,
and i'm sooo excited!!!

yesterday in the shower i thought i should celebrate this magnificent medium by writing a song, and the lyrics just came to me in half an hour, and i went to sleep a happy dreamer.

this afternoon i whiled away at the guitar and uke, and voila!

enjoy! i heart YouTube!

It's All About You(Tube)
Music and Lyrics by Tay Kewei

Who knew we'd come this far
It started out so easy
You asked for my name
I gave you a codeword
Sparks flew and we immediately connected

We started out so slow
We didn't know where to go
But you brought me tears of joy and sadness
i was sure i wanted more

My friends all say i'm a changed girl
They've never seen me glow like this
You're the best thing that's happened to me

All I wanna see is youuuutube
When I open my eyes first thing in the morning
At the end of the day before I start dreaming
Im all about you / thank you for you

You told me i could do it
You showed me those who could
I didn't really dare believe it
But trying took nothing to lose

I showed a side that no one knew
i never dared reveal
But you brought me love and so much truth
And i was sure you wanted more


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

她說 (it's my iphone not yours) cover


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nominated for Singapore Hit Awards! ^_^

Singapore Hit Awards 2011 have been extremely supportive of me~!

I've been nominated for
最受欢迎新人奖 Most Popular Newcomer Award and 最佳本地歌手 Best Local Singer!

I thank you in advance for your support, you can help me clinch the Most Popular Newcomer Award in this manner -

SMS - SHA N9 to 72346

Each SMS costs 50cents and voting starts today till 3 October.
You can view the complete listing of nominees HERE.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

她來聽我的演唱會cover with chipmunks

it's Wednesday Wideo Day!
this song is soo classic.
lyrics by dear 梁文福老師。

i can't play the guitar as well as the original, so i hunted down a karaoke backing track.
please excuse the chipmunk backing vocalists.
(you pay peanuts you get chipmunks.... )

open to song dedications on,
let me know what you wanna hear :)



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

心動 lazy afternoon acoustic cover

edward, you asked for it!

this is my first experiment recording a video with a mic setup!
i think i need a pop filter. XD

open to song dedications on,
let me know what you wanna hear :)


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

that man... 那個男人。。。

super miss taking homemade videos with einein,
so we just did it!!!

kewei einein took korean lessons recently, and einein is in love with the k-drama Secret Garden! hahaha

hey, i think Hyun Bin looks like Khalil Fong but no one seems to think so... grrr...

featuring Alfred in this video! ^_^

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Music Man ~ the end of an era

The end of Leehom's tour is definitely an end to an era for me.

These 2.5 years of touring most cities I've never been to,

the international friendships made,

the gourmet cuisine,

the fast food take outs,

the adrenaline-pumping performances,

the 40000strong crowd singalongs,

the airplane-transit-coach routines,

the rockin parties in leehom's sprawling suites,

the celebration dinners,

am missing very much now as i go through the photos.....

Monday, June 13, 2011

都甚麼時候了 ~ 張惠妹

謝謝大家的支持﹐Facebook Fans破萬了﹗
想回饋大家﹐也回到我的根本-Youtube videos :)






MP3 download link:

Monday, June 6, 2011

i miss Youtube-ing!

Here you go,
featuring my super talented friends...
Lee Ein Ein and Peter Huang from MICappella ^_^

This is the FAIL version... lol

Monday, May 2, 2011

back here...

this blog has suffered an identity crisis ever since the wave of social media and the launch and marketing of my album!

i have been distracted by twitter, facebook and weibo so much -
the constant need for short status updates,
funny pictures,
the lastest news about my promotional appearances,
the where i've been, what i've done, who i've seen...

the statistics on how many Likes i've had,
how many comments...
it would be really nice to not know the numbers!

i've long removed the blog hit counter and i don't know how many people are reading this,
so i can pretend that nobody is,
and i can say whatever i want without any pressure of knowing whether you LIKE this or NOT.

for the record,
all promotional news will be on the official
and i had an AWESOME time in Hong Kong recently!!

but usually, by the time i'm done organising the photos on facebook i'm too tired to write about my thoughts in any depth.

and by the time i have any time to sit down and recount my gratitude, the promotions would have been weeks back.

i have thought of closing this blog
and moving on to a next chapter of my life
(maybe onto tumblr?)
but i feel drawn to my roots
(and here you can even scroll back to 5 years ago and check whether i've done any plastic surgery)
and i need space like this to vent.

the last i felt this way about this blog was in October,
just when the promotions were starting.

i see a pattern now:
there seems to be a desperation to cling onto the "who you really are" before you embark upon a slew of promotions which allows the media/critics/reviews to define who you are.

i'm back here now,
because promotions have ended,
and i am looking within myself to create the next album,
and i am back to writing,
which is more than just a touch of inspiration or spontaneous sharing,
it is dedication and commitment to sit at my keyboard, to hold my guitar, and to share the best of me that i can muster.

i am blessed to be able to create music, and i treat this gift with respect, and a little fear sometimes...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Behind the Scenes of MV Shoot - 可不可以﹗

the MV is the brainchild of Cheong H.H, and the team from Playhouse Pictures,
my kindred spirit based in Kuala Lumpur ^_^

he's been a super supportive friend, always full of ideas to shoot for my songs, always willing to help,
and he and his team has always been involved with big-scale productions and commercials,
so i'm truly blessed that he was so excited about shooting my MV for me!


we left everything in their good hands,
the concept, the storyboard, the planning,
and it was only the day before that i heard about...
a potential FIRE scene!

still, i didn't ask much, we went ahead because i trusted them completely that it would be rockin. :)

we set off from Singapore at midnight,
reaching KL at about 430am,
and headed straight to the location at 6am.

it was an outdoor location in a seriously ULU place!

and the best part was the rain rain rain...
which rained out the entire area and turned it into a mudslide.

we waited and slept in the van for about 2 hours...
it was a major CRISIS and they had to decide if they wanted to abandon the location and shoot indoors instead....

in the end they braved it out and bought as many pair of BOOTS they could find for the crew and everyone else!!!


we had to figure out the best way to drive in,
and behold the view.....


this is honestly an mud/sand/grit excavation spot for construction purposes,
so kudos to the location manager!

the most amazing thing is that this place is probably no longer around in this world,
since after more excavation it would look entirely different.

already posing for my next emo album cover shot.



my hairstylist Comb takes a shot at it.


setting up tentage!



that is ME in the tent... my portable toilet!!!
running off to a corner to pee....

i had to hide in a tent cuz there were guys ontop of the cliff in charge of the power generator...
throwing down electric cables...


my garang executive producer Jacie leading me to my spot


Cheong gets ready for the 1st shot...


the smoke throwers get ready...


the wind machine gets ready...



one thing i learnt from MV shooting -
wind and hair and lipgloss DO NOT go together!!!

to add on to the misty, smoky effect,
they add flour to the wind...
creating this beautiful martian landscape effect on the mud!


my team baking in the sun with me... supporting me in spirit and in action!!!


faint from heat!


this is the final scene where i walk away...


they really went all out... lying on pieces of styrofoam

they broke a brand new snowglobe... T_T


i love these flowers! or plants! or whatever!

shading from the sun...



atop a hill




end of Part 1 (mountain scene)!

you HAVE TO check back on the Fire scenes next... Part 2 coming up soon!!!




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