Sunday, May 23, 2010

please be careful with my heart..

I had the luck and honour to work with Christian Bautista, whom I knew earlier because of the song The Way You Look At Me...

He is Philippines' #1 heart-throb, and making it really big in Indonesia and in the region... When we're out for dinner or drinks, wherever there are Filipinos, he would be stopped for photos and autographs! I can only stare on in amazement at how big he is!

I met him briefly on Wednesday night for dinner as he just touched down in Singapore,
and the next day we had a full-blown MV shoot from 8am till night,
and we were lovers for a day!

it was entirely bizarre for me, but he was sooo professional and fun to work with,
he made it really easy for me!

Panda the little dog brought us together in this MV!

We also performed this duet live for the first time at his album launch promo at DXO this past Friday, stay tuned for more pictures on my Facebook :)

This duet is in his latest album Romance Revisted, and would also be in my upcoming debut album with S2S.

I can't wait to see the MV! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nannies' Day Out at Universal Studios Singapore




My darling nephews Denden & Didi!

Outside The Mummy ride...
I seriously like this mirror.
Is it crazy to pay $100 for this???
I don't know, I'm still deciding,

Friday, May 14, 2010

KEEP! Kuala Lumpur Showcase 全記錄 / 感谢词

太感动了 - 认真,仔细剪接过得画面,让我们的旅程变成了一部电影。


谢谢988FM的May, Haumin, 彪民,让我们在美美Studio V表演,第一次上马来西亚电台!


谢谢Wah Yong, Daniel拔刀相助,抽空特地到KL为我们助阵。
有了他们,我们变成一个full band,突然,音乐变强了!

谢谢Kitty这次的陪客,又临时充当主持人! (因为没有你,我们真的很冷场~!)

谢谢Alfred, Zijie客串演出,带来很多不同的感官享受给大家,也为我们的show增添色彩!

谢谢Josh Bryan,特地为我们搞定妆发,让我们美美的!

谢谢Winnie Ho, Ken Lau, Chriz Ngooi, Ray, Zhichuan, 的捧场支持!

最重要,谢谢子韩 (,



with love & gratitude,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

我就是这样 Official Music Video

Our KEEP! tour finally draws to a close.

Our KL show at No Black Tie yesterday was (I think) one of the best I've sung so far...
we learnt so much through this little tour,
and practice makes perfect.

I'd like to share our little music video from KEEP!
that would have been IMPOSSIBLE without the love and support from Cheong. :)

His belief in us made me believe that an MV was possible,
we flew to Bangkok, met him over tomyumgoong,
without any storyboard or plan,
kicked off our shoot,
with an iphone and x-mini speaker in tow.

Many thanks to Chriz, Oy, Jacie, Shan for trudging around Bangkok with us for 2 full days,
carrying our bags, carrying our little guitarlele, robots,
bringing so much fun and laughter to our shoot!

Many thanks to Troy, for the awesome post-production and animation!

Thank you Playhouse Pictures!

Production House : Playhouse Pictures Malaysia
Executive Producer : Jacie Tan
Producer : Shan
Film Director : Cheong Heng Ho
D.O.P : Cheong Heng Ho
Assistant Director : Chris Ngooi & Oy ( Thailand )
Film Editor : Troy Chen @ Base 2 Post
Lustre Telecine : Helmi @ APV
VFX : Lau Kia Hau

Thank you for all your support thus far...
Because of each one of you, we're given this strength and opportunity to go as far as we can with our passion...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

KEEP! Kuala Lumpur Showcase ... this Sunday!

我们要来Kuala Lumpur了!

词曲也是由新加坡达人 黄韵仁和小寒老师的创作哦!

可为盈盈KEEP! Showcase的迷你tour到了
吉隆坡为终站,希望大家 来支持!!

Date: 9 May 2010, Sunday
Time: 930pm
Venue: No Black Tie

Please RSVP here on Facebook!

For more on updates on our EP,
check out


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