Thursday, January 10, 2008

faq 101 on amei :)

ming posted some questions in my comments,
i thought i'd share my answers here :)

Of the 3 A-mei gigs so far in Shanghai, Spore and Taipei that you have blogged here, which one would you rate as your favourite?

it's really hard to rank them!
Shanghai was great because it was the FIRST amei show, and the LARGEST venue I've ever performed at :)
Singapore was great because it was the FIRST 4-sided stage I performed at, and it was at home :)
Taipei was memorable because it was Christmas! and there were 3 concerts in a row... Having 3 concerts in a row is about the max no of shows I've done consecutively, it always feels like a dream afterwards.

Can you imagine what it's like doing 15 shows or more consecutively,
which is the norm in HK?
This is why Jacky Cheung (who has toured nonstop for a year, hitting almost 101 shows this tour, is my Heavenly King!!)

do you feel jaded going thru a similar routine at every concert stop?

I don't think the frequency of the shows I did are near enough for me to feel jaded...
In fact, it's almost always a very emotionally intense experience at Amei's shows, which range from me crying to partying hysterically...
At David Tao's shows, a lot of things were happening for me in the Love Can tour, when I had to sing, dance and play the erhu.
During the 123 Wooden Man Tour, I had to sing more duets with David Tao, so I was always on my toes. No time to be jaded!
At JJ's shows, life is more relaxed, but we have too much fun fooling around to be jaded. haha.

Having said that, Jacky Cheung is once again the hero, who remains so professional in every show even though he's done it literally, 100 times before.

where/when will the next concerts be held?

Amei's shows will resume in May or June, I believe,
since she's now busy with a musical project in Japan :)

what is A-mei like in person?

She is really cute :)
and of course absolutely POWER!
she sings out all the time for rehearsals, and oh man can she sing.
i feel like a miserable ant trying to squeak her songs when I'm next to her.

i love amei!


Anonymous said...

My friend was almost certain she saw amei at oosh a few months ago. were u performing then? do u sing mostly in english or mandarin at oosh?

Anonymous said...

hi anon, yup she was at Oosh the other day :) but i wasn't performing. our other band members, casey and mohd noor were performing that night.

at oosh it's pop-jazz, mainly english stuff :) pop by! it's a lovely place.

Anonymous said...

hi i was at the a-mei concert in nov 22nd.and i was wondering say next time i see her would it be an hassle if i asked one of the stage crew to take a picture with A-mei. og by the way i like that song "you xie ai" you could find me on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Hi again kewei

Thnx lots for this faq :)
I kinda thought the first question would be tough. erm.. how about which city has the wildest and noisiest A-mei fans? :p

Is it ok if i ask another question? Generally, how are the background vocalists and band members for a chinese pop concert selected? do you have to go for auditions?

ok, I better stop! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei, will you still be with the Star tour when it resumes?

Anonymous said...

hi danny, just try! and thanks for liking my song! :)

to ming, hmmm its hard to tell too.. i guess taipei is pretty crazy :) 3 nights of fullhouse!

and as for selection of band members, it really is a question for our band leader! i had to audition last time :)

and chris, i should think so :)

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
Did you have any preconceived notions of Amei and DT that were proven wrong after working with them? well.. apart from them being down-to-earth ppl :)


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