Wednesday, January 9, 2008

jacky cheung concert

my friends have watched fish leong,
complaining about how difficult it is to get jay chou's tickets...

but i am happily dwelling in Jacky Cheung bliss :)

i caught the Jan6 Encore concert at the Stadium
and was excited to be part of the thronging masses heading towards
a night of 金曲!

the crowd was nearly mid-20s and above, very few light sticks,
in fact a pretty static crowd even throughout the party songs.


i'm not a regular concert-goer,
the only Mandarin pop concerts I paid to watch were
incidentally, David Tao's Soul Power tour (his first one)...
Lee Hom's 盖世英雄 tour last year...
and this one.

The only English concert I paid to watch was Alicia Keys.

I figured other than Amei, DT, Lee Hom...
there were really no more vocal powerhouses in the Chinese pop scene,
so Jacky Cheung had to be it :)


The way he promised to sing as many songs as he could for the audience,
it felt like he saw himself as rendering a service to others,
rather than a popstar demanding deserved attention.

I have long heard many stories of his humility and affability,
but it was really apparent in the way he spoke.

It was his 93rd show, long live the Heavenly King!

A full year of touring is unimaginable.
Almost everyone in the crew and production have fallen seriously ill at some point of time.

His voice faltered a little, but he carried on singing and singing.

Like he said before his last song,

He ended the concert with 祝福, my Primary 6 graduation song :)
What memories...


Anonymous said...

In my book, jacky is god and a-mei is goddess of song.

But lee lom a vocal powerhouse?? ha uh

Anonymous said...

leehom is power! maybe not in the classic sense, but still!

Min said...

Yes, Jacky is the Heavenly King forever. every song, dance move, and even the look in his eyes (esp when performing the Snow Wolf Lake segment) speaks volumes of his professionalism.


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