Friday, January 11, 2008

McDonald's 福气牛肉汉堡

Have you seen the latest McDonald's TV commercial for Chinese New Year?

Apparently it's playing in Mandarin,
on both Mandarin channels and Channel 5 (with subtitles).


Haha, that girl's voice is Mine! :)

peppered beef for you?

It was my first voice-over recording,
first time in the studio recording my spoken voice, instead of singing.

It was kinda difficult, but still very fun!
Happy to lend my voice to a big client for my virgin attempt! :D

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!


DK said...

Saw this ads on TV mobile last night.

bEar said...

haha, i thought it was the girl acting u noe (:

Anonymous said...

i like that ad but i dunno the vocie was u.:)

Anonymous said...

Can you share this ad with your voice with us please...?

Anonymous said...

Can you share this ad with your voice with us please...?

Anonymous said...

WOW cool.. is this available at youtube?

Anonymous said...

ohoh! cool! i tot it was that girl's voice! she was in 'i not stupid'! so even when she said "ma, tuan yuan le" that's you?

how do u get lobangs like that?? haha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to angel: blog entry updated with video now! :D

it feels bizarre hearing my own voice on a mcdonalds ad hehe.

and to junie: yup i said "ma tuan yuan lo" too :) as for this lobang, i happened to get in touch with the studio that does professional recordings so they decided to use my voice :)

to zeus, ein ein doesn't use piano lead sheets for our youtube songs, she just plays by ear :p

Anonymous said...

No wonder i find that voice familiar... sad to hear that u dun sing at oosh liao...

Ong M.Y said...

no wonder i thought that voice sounds familiar... seldom hear you sound emotional lei.. hahaha


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