Monday, January 14, 2008

241207 Amei Concert in Taipei

Merry Christmas~*!
Amei descends in a snowflake!

Amei called out names one by one, for band, dancers, production crew, etc
and we receive our xmas gift!

everyone gets an over-the-top bright red festive bath robe!

the band!

backing vocal family with Amei!

the dancers from NY and London

dancers from Taipei

we line up on the stairs in the middle of the stage for group pic!

last show!! on christmas eve!!
everyone is in a party mood :)

"Everybody! Give me a RAWWWWKKK pose!!
Come come, LOCK!!"


can't sit down properly without flashing myself :S

let loose yall!


right after the last song we all whip out our robes
and pretend to look like santa

Amei Star Tour! must show!

Amei sings Amazing Grace...

sing&strum with the audience

everyone joins the party onstage!

confetti!!! balloons!!! everyone goes berserk!!!

Amei goes sooooo close to the audience at the back
followed by present-spewing Santas!

everyone at this point is going nuts.
i have crazy videos i tried to take while running all amok on stage.
but they're really too blur :p

i'll try again next time!

the post-party lasts till 5am...

some peeps you might not have seen upclose on my blog
sisqo and joe


lee, the flipper!!


still, some 凉面 at 5am before we leave for Singapore in an hour...

The concert DVD should be based on footage from these 3 days,
wonder if they'd include the Christmas segment :)



Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing the pics , i cant wait till the dvd coems out i've been waiting for the longest for a a-mei concert dvd

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kewei for the interesting pix.

For those who have missed A-mei's live concerts, I send my condolences.

fluffiez said...

you are no doubt the luckiest girl ever! nuff said yo!

Sharon said...

thanks for sharing the pics yah, the dvd wont be the full concert?
cant wait man...

Anonymous said...

hello kewei (:

how have you been? been for some time never come here le.

do take care of yourself, and dun fall sick, cya soon~! woohoo.

when will be your next event?

enenmon said...

Lovely pics... 你见的市面的确比一般同年龄的女生多很多。Of course, I'm talking about in Singapore. Which 24 y/o Singaporean girls get to participate such mega events like you? It's really something your parents/family would be proud of and something which you could tell your kid in the future that you once sang and 同台 with 实力创作派歌手们。 You go girl!

Anonymous said...

oooh i want that red bathrobe!!
will you put yours up at ebay? kekeke

Anonymous said...

to danny, no prob! yes im sure the dvd will be DA BOMB! to yln8063, the concert would be a combination of all 3 nights, I presume. so we can only guess at which songs will finally make the cut.

and chris, i agree totally. in my most most honest opinion, with due respect to jay chou fans, my sis caught jay chou's concert, thereafter coming in to my room late at night and announced that after amei's concert, everything dulls in comparison.

to fluffiez and enen, yep i am very very lucky indeed :D and very grateful.

xt, my next gig is on 26jan @ esplanade powerhouse! 730-1030pm, 3 sets :)

and to pompipi, are you serious? that's an idea.
honestly it's taking up too much space in the closet.
quote me a price i can't resist. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sup.. Kewei

Nice set of pics. you posted,and i think you look cute.. By the way when is the next A Mei conert?


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