Sunday, January 18, 2009

my love, justin timberlake

futuresex lovesounds is a timeless album.

clarence and i recorded this acoustic cover of My Love by Justin Timberlake
because we lurrrve the song.

we play this at Wala Wala a lot :)


Anonymous said...

hi kewei

what camera are u using? thanks!

Jamie* 洁敏 said...

hi... KEWEI^^V
i'm from msia... hav u join AH MEI's concert at KL on 20th March..? coz i will go her concert.. hehehe =P

Anonymous said...

heeheehee :D
this song is very nice :)

Anonymous said...

where did u get ur boots from?

Anonymous said...

Hey you sound like you have a lisp in the video. Were you wearing retainers or something?


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