Wednesday, September 24, 2008

19-200908 Leehom Music Man Tour in Taipei

rehearsals everyday, coached by the Queen of Backing Vocalists, 小芬姐

introducing the 4 backing divas!
kaira, yingying, and lisa :)

eric fawcett, drummer for N.E.R.D aka Pharrell William aka hottie!!!!
he likes to snub my fashion sense.

nevertheless ... his energy and professionalism is astounding.
he is the only drummer who makes me sit up and watch in awe.

also he gives me an excuse to look for pharrell william's pictures.

strong arms on a delicate instrument. ooooh.


i sit here everyday, ensnared by wires

leehom's Bahamut.
brilliant piece of workmanship flown in from Ireland
costing about USD$30,000



chinked out is still in

they were not posing

we had traditional Mid-Autumn Festival bbq!
newslink here :)

we give each other massages as a show of luurrvvvee

i loved these 20 days
with both fresh and familiar faces involved
with late nights hanging out with the band...

having huge, cheap dinner outings
ie being able to share lots of food since there were many of us



and having a Magic Man amidst the tour was definitely entertaining!

A certain Mr Mark was the illusionist consultant for the show,
responsible for the vanishing acts of Leehom,
as well as cloning 4 Leehoms to appear simultaneously on stage. :)

He was practically our Magic Slave.

"Mark, show us some after-dinner entertainment!"

"Mark, did you bring you cards?!"
etc etc

kaira bought him cartoon cards to stoke his fire a little more :)
and we picked out a little band from there! :D

i didn't spend much time shopping/walking around,
but for the little time i did...

taipei has the cutest dogs!

and so many cafes at i could only snap pictures of..

and wish that i could come back next time just to chill...

i also saw an old man sitting outside a temple with an old-school cinema reel player

playing Stephen Chow movies in the middle of the pavement.

i didn't ask why.

very hardworking.
practising leehom songs in bed, and checking out my new webcam in my laptop :)


at the Taipei Arena

fantabulous LED screens and high-def screens

band costumes all laid out

metallic boobies!
this was part of kaira's costume :p

this was part of mine! haha

heels to die for.
this matched my outfit perfectly (silver and black)
but i had to get the ones with red heels because they were... irresistible!

okok here goes :)
the Music Man entourage!!!


with weiwei, our designer!

with rebecca, my awesome hairstylist!

who styled my chicken head!

sting is our camera guy :)

tame hair for full-dress rehearsal

jingles in some S&M action

i'll show you S&M...

eric rocks out

with mark the magic man/slave

Bahamut greets the audience in mid-air

i was trying to capture the S'PORE in blue neon lights :)
hello singapore fans! :D

obviously my lousy camera failed to do so.
in frustration I bought a new Canon Ixus the very night I landed back home.
expect awesome wide angle pictures for my next trip!


leehom descends in his little erm .. spaceship

with his Bahamut

okay... i didn't see this at all.

massive back-combing and major load of hairspray ->
temporary glamour with permanent damage :(

This was after Show Day 1.
guess what...
I didn't even have time to take out my hair after Show Day 2,
we went straight from the party to the airport.

That's what I call travelling in style.


en route to post-party!

press conference


Magic Man enthralls the entire team

from producer... to band... to dancers

oh yes, the dancers from the States
only got the boys, battery fell flat with the girly dancers =S

Pictures aside,
this entire process of learning songs for a brand new tour was an absolutely enjoyable one for me :)
I love the process of getting used to the songs,
hearing and practising them so many times that I practically memorised all my parts,
knew all the punches in the music.

When it finally comes together during the show for the first time,
complete with stage lighting, Leehom's costume changes,
videos, dance choreography, Leehom's speeches etc,
it is then the show is complete, and the emotional flow of the concert is presented.

I know from now on,
it will be a matter of practise makes perfect -
a matter of bringing the same show to every country, over and over again.

This is what makes the first show of a brand new tour so special for me -
everything is a fresh and intense experience,
especially after an evolutionary 10 day rehearsal.

I'll always remember the way he looked so ... contented, proud, satisfied? what is it? ...
when the 12000-strong crowd sang the last words of 一首简单的歌 in unison.
The look was ... 满足, 欣慰.

He had them all under his thumb,
teasing them with a snippet of his latest yet-to-be-released ballad.
All this was truly unrehearsed, and it seemed he just wanted to share his music with those who loved him.

The way he jumped over the barricade and rushed towards his fans,
and throwing the nearest 3 a big bear hug...
that really made me laugh!
especially seeing the bouncers scrambling madly after him.
they must find him such a pain in the ass.

i do look forward to October,
7 concerts within 30 days - 3 Amei, 2 David Tao, 2 Leehom shows.
It will be... incredible.


Winter Breeze said...

that looked like so much fun took me awhile to go through all those pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME post and photos KEWEI!!! :D oh man, i lurrrve Leehom la. hahaha your entry makes me a happy girl ^^

You're looking great with your styled hair! and its nice to see Kaira too. Hehe!

Anonymous said...

ohhh so many awesome picture. I love yuor costume in concert!!!! U Look great!

All the best in all concerts in Oct!!! I long to see your own concert too!

By the way, Will Lee-Hom have concert in HK??

Calvin Soo KJ said...

man....those guitars are awesome!!!! usd30k, i could buy a house with that kinda money. anyways, love your work. keep it up. cheers and god bless.

Anonymous said...

heyy kewei :)
nice guitars!~ awesome! =D =D
wah! ur clothes are nice...
sexy babe wor! lolz!~

anyway, sorry that didnt went wala last night cos got something on,
will try to go indochine next monday.

hmm..take care yah and take care of yourself!

looking forward to ahmei's concert! woohoo~~

Anonymous said...

Is Kaira Gong still a singer?

Unknown said...

I am so happy to see you in TW again. I think you must have great time here. ^^ "Add Oil for other shows yo~~


Anonymous said...

so cool (:
is the kaira gong shi jia?

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating kewei :)
truly great to know that you've enjoyed yourself in Taiwan... having so much fun eating, practising and taking pics huh... lol!
and for the coming month, do take good care of yourself while travelling alright... i really do enjoy visiting your blog and you really made me proud of the local talents that Singapore has in the music industry! JIA YOU KEWEI :)

Anonymous said...

First time visit to your blog. Keep up with the great singing!

I bought some of the concert tickets that you will be singing at. Will look forward to them. -)

Jing Rui said...

wow really a great taipei concert...

Looking forward to Lee Hom's Singapore Concert on the 1 Nov

Haha so Kewei, will u also be performing in this coming S'pore Concert?

Anyway, u did say A*mei concert, so the coming 4 Oct Singapore concert, will u also be involved in the performance too?

If that's so, really great!!!

Anyway I will be attending this A*Mei and Lee Hom Singapore concert, because I enjoy listening to great music from these 2 excellent singers!

K said...

i know!!!
i put it all up while i was still feeling the vibe.
sometimes i don't know if i'm sharing too much :p
like, if it would step on anyone's toes...

you know, i sometimes remember that i haven't blogged about DT's show in Beijing and Macau... which happened half a year ago...
too many pictures from the Great Wall... hahaha

yes i love my costume and hair! it's a great excuse to dress up outrageously!

michelle, not sure about HK dates yet..

yes that is kaira and she is still a singer, a great one in fact!

and yes i will be performing for Amei and Leehom concerts in Singapore.. yahoo!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kewei

Is the A-mei concert in Beijing on Nov 16 confirmed? Saw that in your gig schedule. I happen to be in Beijing at that time and would love to catch the concert there.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. You don't know how happy i feel when i get to know all the little behind the scene stuff and little snippets oh leehom. I'm so envious of you that you can work with leehom. I think you are very talented, so keep up the good work! I will be going for leehom's concert in sg, i'll def look out for you. So proud of you!

Just a question, how is leehom behind the stage? Is he goofy and serious at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Wow Kewei,you are fantastic~haha

Will you come to Shanghai music man concert? If so, may I can meet you,haha

BTW,met you on DT's Shanghai concert, but you may cannot remember of that...

see ya, and take care :P

Anonymous said...

wow!!!you're one lucky person,being able to work with such great not only singers but music people!!!!!!how i wish i can experience that....

and yeah,i was wondering,how's Leehom like behind the stage?do you get to like 'hang'out with him during all your little breaks and stuff?why didnt you take a picture with him?it's something all the fans out there die for!!!!!haha...

Anonymous said...

hey dan,
yes amei concert is in beijing nov 16 :)

to eliza, thanks! yup leehom is mr nice guy, and totally involved in his music, his playing, his guitar, piano. and much cuter in person!!
in fact he goes all out during his concert to have a great time, and the way he connects with his audience, the silly things he says always makes me laugh :D

to nic, yes i will be there! i think i might even stay another day for F1 in Shanghai! :)

to karen, yeah we are basically trapped in a basement rehearsal studio with him for almost 10 days for 6 hours everyday.
there are photos, but i usually don't want to put up too many leehom's photos just in case someone comes after me :p heheh

Anonymous said...

Hey kewei,

I am a big fan of mei! So i was just wondering if you could tell me all the umcomping STAR tour dates/cities?


Anonymous said...

HEY! i went to the concert in Shanghai and it was and the other 3 girls were sooo good. btw i was just wondering whats the name of the blond back up dancer with the afro?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing those awesome photos...
I went to the Music Man SG concert. This is my first time attending Lee Hom's concert though he has always been my greatest idol since long time ago, coz it is not long after i came to SG. This is my very 1st chance to attend his concert. Also, it is my 1st time visiting ur blog. So many first wonderful experiences...Woooohooooooooooooo

Kewei, you really look great with ur costume and hair style :) You are the one who was taking audience photos from the stage before the concert started, right!!! Maybe, I am also in your photo... :P Are you posting those photos on ur blog?
You are so lucky and i envy you tat u can work with Lee Hom. But, you must be very talented...Go...Go...Kewei

Time passed very fast. Until Leehom said 'Kiss Goodbye' is the last song, i didn't notice it was already very late. The very 1st decision i made after the concert is to attend Malaysia concert coming year. Just feel like one concert is really not enough. But don't know when it will be.
Kewei, you know about the Msia concert schedule?

Looking forward to your awesome post and photos...

eric said...

I just saw the concert in Macau.
You guys did an awesome job!!!

It was an amazing show. Definitely worth the trip from ShenZhen to watch all of you guys perform.

Just came across your website after trying to look for more information about the Tour :)

Emerald said...

Hey It was great meeting you in Malaysia last weekend.
It was awesome to be at that show all the way from Ireland to see the Bahamut.
Keep up the good work and keeping adding pictures.

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