Wednesday, December 9, 2009


if you've read about the 4-Hour-Work-Week,
you'd know that the one of the keys to productivity is to have tight deadlines
- which forces you to work as efficiently as possible.

Turns out, it's true.

Within a month, Einein and I have cranked out a piping hot EP.

Well, truth is,
we just submitted the CD cover/layout for printing,
and will be recording our vocals tomorrow.

If we don't receive the prints by Sunday, it won't be ready for Hong Kong in time.

Amidst all these glaring impossibilities,
lurks a glimmer of hope that our fairytale will end happily ever after,
we will get everything done just in the nick of time,
and this will be a great story to tell in the future.

Please pray with us that all goes smoothly. :)

Checking our draft layout at 2am,
rushing for printing the next day,
holding the draft mockup of our EP, in awe,
this feels like a Final Year Project of sorts.

An important update:

To all those who have emailed me, I have received your emails.
I simply had no time to write a proper reply!

And after working out our costs and estimating the quantity to print,
we cannot cover costs at S$6 per EP.

So, the price of our EP would be at S$8 instead!
Everyone will be informed before your decision to pay :)

Have updated our order form correctly,
and also added a Chinese translation for the benefit of Taiwanese who have asked me to explain the details! :p

thanks for the love,


cy said...

haha, i'm sure it'll be ready for hk in time! doing great so far! =)

nony said...

You're a star CEO in the making! Inspire me to keep at my work this x'mas. 2010 FTW!


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