Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the wayward child sees the light

chinese orchestra has always been in my blood,
my dad plays the erhu and flute,
my mum plays the pipa,
and of course in the early courting days
my dad pretended to learn the pipa from my mum
just to spend time with her :)

i think this performance made my parents very very happy :)


i was given the chance to perform with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra,
and one of my original songs 心型空洞 was arranged by Tan Kah Yong, in full-blown Chinese Orchestra style!!!

Kah Yong and his wife caught in the audience :)
It was great working with him the 1st time, and I was thrilled by the sound of my own song :)

with Quek Ling Kiong the conductor... he is awesommmee!
Super nice, with such flair and style in conducting

during rehearsals :)

i also played the erhu on the traditional piece called 赛马
(playing in front of the full-time pros is no joke!!)


my sweet papa

the end of a great experience!

my darling mummy

sneak of my song 心型空洞 (which will be in my upcoming EP!)

video courtesy of Evonne!

my only regret is that this chinese orchestra version will only be available as a live fuzzy youtube one.

ps. love the 萧 solo in the interlude!!!

check this out
My song is officially A Hole in Heart Shape.
Ok, the original meaning of Heart-Shaped Hole doesn't sound terrific either.

And it is
"a popular song composed by Tay Kewei, this piece expresses the laments of the heartbroken female lead who can't bear to give up her lover who has continuously let her down."

My first official introduction of my song on print!

Thanks to Eriol, Nicholas Tan and many more for the lovely photos!
And to everyone who dropped by! :)


evonne said...

jiayou ger! =D

Jamie* 洁敏 said...

KEWEI... JIA YOU~~~ love u ya^^

leaf said...

wow ... my dream to sing with orchestrazzzzzzzzzz too ... u so fortunate ...

cheers !!!

mr crazy

Light.M said...

I love your new song.

诺尼 said...



xiao rong said...

I'm proud of you girl! =)

Anonymous said...

omg i actually saw my school chinese orchestra conductor in the picture performing!WOO!his name is zhao jian hua for your infor

btw i think the video u made for Singalongsong was great!keep up the good work

jaslin said...

wow! kewei...ur 心型空洞 chinese orchestra version is FANTASTIC!!!! i really like it...any chance of putting it into ur upcoming EP?? It is really a very very nice piece....:)

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Anonymous said...

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