Wednesday, January 3, 2018

D'Elegance Shapewear for my postpartum recovery!

10 weeks postpartum
It's been 3 months since Momo came into our lives,
and I am really loving every moment of it!

I was also blessed to have had a smooth pregnancy,
and was always very grateful when I was complimented on my pregnancy glow :)

I did not have any morning sickness and ate really well,
developed a sweet tooth and in fact
put on 15 kg (from 45kg-60kg) throughout my pregnancy!


I did not give myself any fixed postnatal leave from work,
since my job is freelance by nature,
and way before I gave birth
I already took on jobs that were a month after my estimated due date.

I guess it was also a challenge for myself to quickly recover
and get back in action.
I didn't think too much of it
until the date drew near...
especially during confinement!

And my figure had completely transformed -
I was always skinny and flat,
but now I had curves I really wanted to flaunt! 
(and a tummy I definitely needed to hide!)

Really glad to have found D'Elegance Shapewear
which was pretty much a lifesaver for me
and allowed me to wear whatever I wanted - with confidence!

First month party for Momo

I wore this tight Bebe jumpsuit for Momo's first month party,
assisted by the Long Girdle and Vest!

Long Girdle
The long girdle flattened my tummy and
prevented any bulges in weird places
so I had no fear of muffin tops!

The vest helped to encourage good posture, 
reposition the fats from my back and the side of my breasts
towards my chest area 
and keep them in the correct place.

Prior to visiting the boutique,
I did go online to do some research on their shapewear,
but there were different items and configurations to wear
so honestly I did not know which would suit me.

The personalised consultation is so important
because it was really enlightening.

Being accurately measured by their expert consultant,
I was recommended the correct sizes
and could choose the type of shapewear I wanted.

I love that you could combine different pieces for different functions,
and of course for different outfits
depending on whether it was 
a sleeveless top,
or short skirt.

These illuminated mannequins showcased the
3d shaping techniques perfectly -
for postnatal figures,
it helps to shape up by drawing in stretched muscles,
providing a support structure around the torso
and reducing strain on ligaments and joints
in the lower back, pelvis and bottom.

It was also made specially for Asians,
and flatter the Asian figure perfectly.

Its cooling fabric was also scientifically designed to
cool your body temperature by 2 degrees celsius
and the airy tulle material was always comfortable to wear
under my clothes :)

I had been wearing binders during confinement,
but the Bodysuit is much more comfortable to wear to sleep!
It does not have any wires throughout the entire piece
yet is structured enough to keep all your body fats where they should be!

Here with my confinement nanny Aunty Mary from Confinement Angels,
I was 1 month post partum and wearing my dress from my pregnancy days.
Its figure hugging fabric was nothing to worry about
as I was wearing my Long Girdle and Waist Slimmer!

By the time I had to resume singing again,
I was all ready to don beautiful gowns :)

5 weeks postpartum
This beautiful Bebe gown was perfect for embracing my new curves
when I performed for Cortina's 45th Anniversary,
and the Waist Slimmer was my perfect companion for this outfit.

No better time to wear a deep V gown :)

By 8 weeks postpartum,
for another gala performance,
I was definitely confident at how shapewear helped me!

So glad to have met the Founder and Principal Consultant Elida 
who shared so much about her experience and expertise,
I'm really thankful to have had D'Elegance Shapewear be part of my
postpartum journey!

Check out countless reviews and testimonials here at 
and head down for a personalised consultation soon :)



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