Tuesday, November 10, 2009


what i've learnt from this dude,
is that despite being on TOP of his game,
being such a mega superstar that he is,
despite landing endless commercials and gigs,
he works hard.

there is nothing very mysterious about success,
especially when i get this close to leehom.

true, his good looks, luck, talent all played a part, 天时地利人和blah blah blah,
but if you can stick through it,
re-invent yourself and remain an artiste for more than 10 years and still be as big,
it all boils down to hard work.

so we've all heard the statistic, he's been to 29 cities within 40 days,
endless 商业演出, he's swimming in piles of money,
but he ain't partying.

after his ION gig in Singapore, we hung out till late,
and the next morning he flew back to Taipei immediately for a huge open-air show to about 60000 people at night.

and there i was lounging in my house the whole day,
and I watched the Taiwan news on TV in amazement:
Wow, he's sporting exactly the same hair, and wasn't he just here with me less than a day ago?

How can someone so effectively maximise his time spent everyday?

And he'll be directing his own movie very soon, and starring in it as well -
it's a personal project that he made come true,
something totally different than what he's used to (making albums)
and definitely taxing,
but it will bring his career to a whole new level.

Have you ever wondered,
everyone's partying, having supper, watching the movies, having a good time.
Everyone's trying to schedule their time to meet friends, packing their social calendar to the brim,
I had a wild thought that I don't want to be like everyone.

I want to succeed.

Not many people succeed, the ones who do,
are not like everyone else.

The ones who succeed are different from everyone else,
they subscribe to a different lifestyle,
they work extra hard.

Being successful is just a place not many people get to -
it filters the hard worker from the insanely hard working ones.

Like so many other people, for many different reasons,
he's gonna be my role model for now.

I won't be able to reach where he is now, but if I can get close,
it would be darn remarkable.

some additional inspiration that resonated so strongly with the perfectionist in me.


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Ying said...

Hung out at Boat Quay at 3 in the morning?

Yes! that's why we love him so much. He is amazing, down-to-earth & respectful to everyone although he is such a big super star. 在他字典里没有“傲慢”两个字。

Thanks Kewei for sharing with us :)

zelina@tanming.com.my said...

Leehom will be so flattered to read this:-) He so totally deserves his success.

Jane Chew said...

I'm so proud of leehom after reading this... Thanks for sharing...Sometimes i also wondering how can he managed to do so many things at once? Really fully utilised every seconds of his time... He is my role model too, i learnt a lot from him.... let's add oil together!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes slowing down and enjoy life might be the better choice... You can't take fame and fortune with you in the end... I prefer: Work Hard, Play Hard translate to "balance".

Zihui said...

Thank you Kewei..
Both you and Leehom are amazing ppl!!

Jiayou! I believe you can achieve that too..since you have such great voice!

Thanks for sharing again :)

Unknown said...

very prompt thinking in women's place

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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