Saturday, March 8, 2008


一夜之間, 部落格點擊率猛漲 500 點‧‧‧




Ian Liao said...

i come from Taiwan.
your singing is very well.
i expect that you can sing more songs,and let everyone knows your music.
nice to meet you



Anonymous said...


我想跟你說 這麼好的聲音千萬不要埋沒了!

妳一定要出唱片! 我也一定會買!!!

Anonymous said...

kewei.. jia you. =D

Kevin said...

=> youtube => your blog

btw, I love David Tao, he is my GOD

I went to the A-Mei concert on X-mas EVE, great job! She is the GODDESS of Asia, no one can surpass her. I almost cried at least 3 times

Anonymous said...

yes! do us singaporeans proud :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei,

I'm from Singapore. :) I like your singing and your voice is very nice too. Hope you can release your own album soon. ;)

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei
I saw you in david tao love can conert dvd, so start paying attendtion on u. Your voice is so great! Hope that you will release your album and I must buy it. Support you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey ya! saw you during the superstar audition many years back, my friend told me you are the one who sing with david tao at his concernt, thats where i know about your existence. =) anyway, great voice over there and i like the song wo men de ji mo...jiayou!! am sure you will be famous very soon....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanks to everyone's responses! really made my day!

米, is it possible u paste the link of the bbs here? :)

samyen, DT is still arranging for LA and San Franciso tours in May, not sure if it will realise tho :)

Violet said...

i chanced upon your blog from google-ing on Jacky Cheung's Encore Concert (jan this year).

will be going to david tao's concert on apr 19... guess i'll see you there?

Kevin said...

wait wait wait!!!!

you saying there'll be a David Tao concert in May @ LA?!!?!?!?!?

I've been waiting for DT @ southern Cal for 5 years(maybe longer than that!!) I always wondered why David never hosted concert @ SoCal, where he lives most of the time.

When's the concert? any details about it? where will it be?

Anonymous said...

I'm from Seattle =D. I was searching 方大同 on youtube, and at the time there wasn't much on him so I watched everything...including your video. I think your voice is amazing and your demos are sometimes better than the actual songs! 加油!

K said...

see you @ DT's concert hersheys!

to kevin, DT is planning for concerts in LA and San Fran, the last I heard, but problems keep arising, which explains why even the last Love Can tour didn't make it there :S

and to felicia, thanks! from here... all the way to seattle!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kewei. I love your singing so much. You have such an amazing voice. I am a Malaysian currently studying in US. Btw, I love David Tao's songs as well. I really hope he can have a concert in California this year. Then I can see both you and DT singing. :)

Anonymous said...

ive been following you (sorry if it sounds wrong)for the past few years alrdy! like, since 2005? i gotta know dayvid through echomusic's web and came across projectdiy. your voice just draws my attention! =]

Tommy said...

That voice with the lovely smile... (esp. the smile) Well, if one day you actually release an album, I'll be one of the first to get it!

I'm also from Taiwan, by the way. First saw a posting of your YouTube clip somewhere on, I think... The clip gave me the urge to get 方大同's album -- I actually got it and love it. :)


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