Saturday, March 22, 2008

have you met my little sister?

you can,
if you vote for her here :)

it's a singing competition she's in,
her 1st time doing this,
singing an Amei song :)

i am absolutely proud of her. i ADORE her.

she is Tay Kexin, by the way.


Anonymous said...

ur sis' singing is rather draggy..
but still mainly in tuned.. nice:)

urs singing will be betta

Sean Ho said...



ahy33 said...

Not bad.. but..
should have put more of the so call "feel" in tht song..
was kinda flat..
anyway.. can improve de~!

p/s-sry if the comment didnt sound nice.. im NOT here to attack her..

Anonymous said...

you sing better than your replacement at wala. way better.

Anonymous said...

A Very Special Voice,加油加油.


Anonymous said...

I saw David Tao's concert tonight at Hong kong....
first time to see you and hear your awesome voice!!...
good show!!!
i am now your fans!!!
keep fighting!!

Angus Tsui from HK~

jm said...

y when i press the button to vote is not workin!! argh...

Joanne said...

i like both you and your sis' vocal!

junie said...

hi kewei! your sister sounds like you! quite flat at times but there's 80% of your voice in it. hahaa. good for her!! same "pattern"!

Anonymous said...

我係等到最後你同台灣fans分手 的那個男孩唔知你有冇印象.?
but anyway 要繼續加油呢~

dee said...

hey kewei! your sister sounds lovely!! (: in fact, you guys have the same kind of sheng xian.. and i think she's pretty, just like you! mannnn (: if i have enough money to invite you both to sing at my wedding next time, will u both sing for me? hehh i love it when i harmonize with my sis! totally love this whole sister singing together thing.

kewei said...

thanks for all your comments :D
my sister is really really new to singing, it's in fact her first time doing a solo performance,
i'm sure she will grow and gain experience in time :)

a shoutout to everyone in HK!
To angus, the anonymous boy in spectacles who waited after the taiwan fans finished taking photos with us (yes, i remember you, but you were really shy!) - thanks for finding my blog!

to jm: i think you gotta register with the website before you can vote..

and to dee: yes i think in the future i will ask my sister to sub me for gigs hahaha. i am sure she will be great very soon!!! im so proud of her!

x[t] said...

good job of your sis! haha.

dee said...

your sis has a good voice by nature! why didn't she start earlier? dang, practice makes perfect. hehh anw i wish her all the best (: and i've casted my vote alr. heh!

Ong M.Y said...

hey Kexin only started learning singing a year ago. not bad already. keep it up! =)

Evonne said...

nice ! =)
i gt vote.see her once

李維是喬丹 said...



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