Thursday, March 13, 2008



if you watch taiwanese tv programs long enough,
you'd come across this term.

my taiwanese photographer friend Po kindly explained that a 宅女 is someone
who stays indoors all day and lives her life through the computer/internet/msn whatnot.

so there.

i blame facebook.

all the money that i could have made (potentially) with the time spent on facebook,
i think has been cumulatively sucked through that white and blue logo
and straight into the hands of that dude who invented facebook.
he's worth what, a trillion dollars by now??

oh well, join me!

Tay Kewei's Facebook profile

and lay your hands on some exclusive old-school media archival
that i have created in my photo albums :)
available nowhere else.
enticing, isn't it?

what's more, you get to write on MY wall!
discuss about me on My Very Own Discussion Board!
write whatever you want! meet other people who love me just like you do!
virtual interaction just kicks ass.

if you don't have facebook... HELLO??!?!
it's YOUR turn to get money and time sucked away like every other 宅女/男's.


Unknown said...


Stephanie said...

hi, kewei.
i just want to say i also like singing just the way you do. but i'm shy in some way. i do hope that i can be a singer too.

anyway, i want to say, your voice is amazing. (:

Stephanie said...

you can give my some tips and thoughts too. my blog, i hope to hear from you soon.

LogicYuan said...

i see DT in the house! xD



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