Thursday, March 27, 2008

Harry's @ Holland Village

will be my new hangout on Thursday nights starting April 2008.

expect a very chill pop jazz repertoire,
starring: myself with funny-man/guitar guru Daniel Purnomo
playing from 930pm till 1230am.

Harry's @ Holland V is a very small and cosy little nook,
and it's about time we got a little more intimate,
don't you think? ;)


Anonymous said...

Reply :"a shoutout to everyone in HK!
To angus, the anonymous boy in spectacles who waited after the taiwan fans finished taking photos with us (yes, i remember you, but you were really shy!) - thanks for finding my blog!"
i am not angus. 我叫家鴻.
好叻wo 你竟然記得我 還知道我有帶眼鏡..厲害! i am not really shy!>_< 我是國語差 英文也很差 又沒有帶相機 所以沒有走過去 只在旁邊看看你 你現在人在那裡呢?

Sean Ho said...

Harry's at Holland V? Hmm.. will drop by one of the Thursdays to watch your performance ba. Take care. =)

XT said...

hello kewei!
i intended to rush to holland v yesterday ard 11plus from somewhere, but think if rushed there, things had finished. HAIZ. so i didnt went :(
hopefully there's another chance.
anyway, take care!

Anonymous said...

Hello I see you in DAVID TAO's concert during HK! You sings so well and plx keep on!

P.S.I don't know you can see chinese or not so I type in English~^^

K said...

to家鴻, im back in singapore, where i belong :)

see you sean :)

lonely girl, im glad u didn't rush down. i missed that harry's due to a bad throat :S

hi raven, thanks! yes i can read chinese :)

Anonymous said...

hello. that lonelygirl is me...LOL!
lucky you didn't performed tat day.
hope you got perform today :)
do take care of your throat okay.
drink more warm water! and rest well.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, guess im pretty much late to leave a comment here. got to know you through the david tao concert in SG and happen to come across your blog. good news is that you will be performing at wala and harry's @ hv. will drop by soon to give support. you were impressive at the 123 concert. cheers :D


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