Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hong Kong!

i love HK!
it's been a while since i've been there :)
we're flying tmr afternoon!

i've sourced out all the factory outlets,
and necessary stops for shopping shopping shopping!

we're gonna be there for a week,
David Tao will be performing for 3 shows consecutively.

i still haven't updated regarding my Macau & Beijing trip.


Mr Liew said...

you must try toast at australian diary co. along parke's st (at TST)... it's heavenly!

Queen B said...

Enjoy yourself my dear..

Anonymous said...

hongkong is a nice place and shopping. Take care & enjoy your trip there. :)

Unknown said...

Dear Kewei,

I am at HK now. I am going to the concert sooner later. hahahahahaha
(I stay in the same hotel with you yo~~^++++^)
Anyways, I am so exciting now. See U soon lor~~


Unknown said...

I was in David Tao's concert last night, and I saw you. I have to say that you sing really well. Keep up your good work.

Unknown said...

Dear Kewei,

U guys really did a great job these two days. We really enjoyed it. One more show, we will be there of course. See u~ ^^

Anonymous said...

what a great show !!
期待妳下次跟 a-mei 來HK的演出

Anonymous said...

You rock the show!
(and of course DT and the rest of the band too!)

Love Adventure-Creative Crafts by Viola Chan said...

Dear Kewei,
我是香港人,有人在blog forward了妳的blog. 我看了3月22日晚DT 演唱會,我覺得你唱得非常好。唱和音是一個很困難的工作,但妳卻做到了,我很羨慕耶~

Ronald said...

Hi Kewei,

I am one of the audience on 23 Mar.
I just want to say your performance is wonderful and I think I have already been your fans from now on :)


Anonymous said...


I was at the last HK concert and it was totally awesome! I had such a great time! I am actually from Vancouver and just happened to be in HK! Thank you for such a wonderful perfomance and I hope to see all you guys perform again soon!!!

Thanks again!

Smiles :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for ur wonderful performance in David Tao's concert~
ur voice really sweet ^^ & u looks very cute ^^
hope to see u in the future !!
(of coz at 紅館 again ^^)

Unknown said...

Dear Kewei,

I was so happy to meet u last night. We did have fun. Finally, we had chance to take picture, but how should I give to you? I will try to collect all pictures for u yo. ^^

franney said...

Hello! I was there at the concert ! it was so superbly fantastic! Im a total fan of Tao ze now...and u did a great job too!!!! Bravos!

Anonymous said...

hey there! can i know where are the latest factory outlet stores in hk? thankyou!


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