Monday, March 31, 2008

tune in to YES 93.3FM tonight @ 10 pm :)

there will be a new segment tonight at 10:00pm,
an unplugged live 'concert' by Khalil Fang Da Tong,
recorded in the 93.3FM studio :D

I make a surprise visit (planned by the record label)
and sing with him :)


if you're not in Singapore,
visit YES 93.3FM and click on 网上收听!


Anne said...

i tot my ears were playing tricks with me when i heard the teaser. haa u go girl!

Anonymous said...

hello! did anyone tell u that u sound soooo much like yanzi when u talk? omg..

Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is Kenneth from Hong Kong.Just wanna to Hi~~. I just looked your video in youtube. You are so charming and talented. your sound is encourage me when I was feeling down tonight. Tks your song. I will add your blog in my favorites..因為真是好好聽啊 p(^-^)q look forward to hear your new song. Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Before Monday, I already heard an advertisement from yes 933 saying that there will be a duet version of Su Li Zhen.

Hence, on Monday ,the moment I heard the female voice, I knew that was you ! (can recognise your voice, got the identity)

I enjoy your duet version with Fang Da Tong. Keep It Up!

Anonymous said...

finally u met khalil fang . congrates

Anonymous said...

可惜啊....HK fans couldn't listen to the radio coz we all went to Khalil live concert (the real one) XDD

Anonymous said...

Hiya! Im Michelle from HK. I really appreciate your talent and passion in music. Im so impressed by your performance! Im quite envious coz you can work with music everyday! I believe your work hard will be paying off! when will u release your album ? guess I m not the first one to ask. seriously, you should not just be a back-up singer/vocalist. Keep it up girl!!!

Good Luck & All the best!

P.S: I like your demon version of "幸福的風". I actually like urs rather than the Mr. Yeung's version. hehe May I have the copy of it pls?? if ok, pls send to . Thanks

K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K said...

to anne and anon, thanks! some peeps recognised my voice too, so happy!

to anon, i get that thing abt yanzi all the time, especially on radio. ARGH

to kenneth, thank you! i'm glad it helped you when you were blue :D

and yes to ruru and anon, i met him finally! thanks to ruru, and the HK fans who put it up on his HK fan forum :)
hope his concert went well!

to michelle, thanks! you can email me at telling me you want the song :)


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