Monday, March 10, 2008

i bet you've never seen me play guitar

because i don't.

but... i try :)

i adore this song, and john legend.

MP3 download HERE!


malique said...

that was wow. just wow.

milk said...

Long didnt leave comment on your blog. But, I was caught this amazing song - we just don't care!!

This is a song makes me think of my life in Austria whenever I listen to it!! It's one of my favourite beside 'apologize' by Timbaland. I always like to repeat it again and again while driving on the highways and enjoying the spectacular landscape.

I can simply love it still even after listen to it for more than 1000 times!!!

again, WOW!~

Anonymous said...

It's a nice music. Erm, i quite like it. Keep it up a good try. Do take care. :)

x[t] said...

nice music! :)

Anonymous said...

kewei, what audio software do you use to record your song ?
do you know what software which can edit to do the "he ying" part?
because im finding.

Pamela said...

kewei, you've got a nice voice!

you sing pretty well~
keep it up!
i'll visit you everytime when i get to on9. take care. :b


Joe said...

then play dua er-hu lor, haha, got ma? I invent later...

really love you voice...

kewei said...

thank you mr malique i dropped by your blog it's interesting stuff!

and milk, yes i know you love this song too :)

to anon, mmm im currently using cubase to record simple stuff, im not much of an arranger myself. but u can create several tracks with cubase.

and thanks pamela and joe! erhu i will consider la haha

Claudia Ng said...

u have loving voice girl =)
u can do it..keep it up..
you will be someone as long
as you keep doing it!!
all the best =)

lily said...

I bought some tortoise picks from Japan made out of Victorian Fans and Combs. I found that a tortoise shell pick played wonderfully and almost crystal clear tone, given it has the best thickness-to-hardness ratio. I love it so much.

Lily said...

if you are interest in guitar stuff, please email me at

enrique gama said...

What are the chords to your version?? Please tell me so I can play it almost as great as you do! Lol


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