Saturday, December 6, 2008

3 minutes of fame

thanks to friends who sent me the videos!

with David Tao @ Singapore's 123 We Are All Wooden Men Concert, April 08
singing 今天你要嫁给我

little cameo with Leehom @ Singapore's Music Man Concert, Nov 08
singing 爱你等于爱自己


Anonymous said...

Yoho~ terrific Kewei, very favorite you sing with DT, also homeboy~

The live singing really amazing~~ :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha! great! :D

Unknown said...

hey kewei!... i left u comments a couple of months back under the name haemogoblin, n gave u a few links on musiq n the Commodores

anyway... i havent checked ur blog for quite a bit, seems like all the touring has been great. decided to drop by coz khalil's new cd is coming out soon!

wonder if you have heard any of his new songs... it seems like khalils moving towards the 'simple' direction in making songs.. 'love in this world' is so heavily influenced by jason mraz! 'sing along song' sounds pretty much like squeal to love song. 'if love' has some nice n simple brass section... seems like he has kept up with the standard

cant rem if i left u a comment after the DT concert in march... i really enjoyed it tho DT seemed to be in quite a bad condition.. but i absolutely loved all the new arrangements n the dance-medley part... i heard DT's albums prolly been delayed to next yr... would you know anything about it?

haha this is sucha huge comment.. anyway keep up with the work, i hope to hear more from u soon

tingting said...

Hey kewei,
first time leaving a comment on your blog. Loved your renditions of Khalil's songs. Also, cannot express to you how jealous i am that you met/performed with/stood so close to; Leehom. Haha.
Keep up the good work.
Love to hear more.



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