Saturday, December 13, 2008

family vacation -> taipei!

hardly happens nowadays due to my crazy schedule of tours, weddings, events...

this very spontaneous trip happened within a week,
and we are off to taipei this weekend :)

no grand scheme, just probably eating and shopping and walking around.
please recommend some good places we can check out!
family-friendly places :)

on a side note, i finally got this:
Wonderland Concert DVD 2008

i highly resent the fact that fang da tong has no live backing vocalists in his band.



Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip with ur family! Taipei is so fun!

Anonymous said...

Taipei is fun, i also hope to go there for holidays one day...

you can go xi men ding, dan shui etc..
to walk and shop ard... :)

Winter Breeze said...

have fun!~ i got fong da tong's concert too!~ it was packed with action his style~~

jianglong said...


你一到酒店check in時,跟樻台的服務生拿台灣地圖.

Blaize said...

Yes, Taipei is the place to go for vacation! :)

Jing Rui said...

Enjoy your trip to Taipei...Have Fun! Taiwan is really a nice place to go to!

Anyway looking forward to your Taiwan trip's pictures too!

Anonymous said...

can't wait for you to be back in SINGAPORE :DDD
anyway kewei, has Fang Da Tong came to singapore for concert yet?

Unknown said...

Dear Kewei

You are coming to Taipei with your family?!?! How nice!! 士林 淡水 陽明山 北投 are good. If you need any help, just let me know lor. ^^



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