Wednesday, December 24, 2008

jacky fever...


relive AMEI concert in Hong Kong!
i am behind Jacky Cheung!!!

thanks a million Vanesa for sending me this!

also to all who sent me pictures or youtube videos of myself at concerts,
what would i do without yo guys!!!

... and Merry Xmas! :D


Anonymous said...

Woww You load it hahaha!!

Your Wellcome !!!

^^ Spanish Fan of Kewei forever !!

Merry Xmas !

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas Kewei!
How would you spend your xmas??

Anonymous said...

Woah! amei and jacky really has amazing chemistry.
amei is such a (harmless) flirt, while jacky is enjoying being 'flirted'. haha

Anonymous said...

Amazing to see A-mei and Jacky working together again! She is quite a flirt indeed, and very sexy! They are the best in Cpop!


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