Saturday, December 20, 2008

amei's concert in HK in 18 hours

i'm back in my 2nd Favourite Asian City of the Month - Hong Kong.
(1st favourite being HOME of course,
and it's my favourite Asian City of the Month because...
it might change.

we're staying right next to the airport,
far far away from the city,
since the venue of Amei's Star Concert will be at Asiaworld Expo.

I am blogging because I am bursting to meet the special guest for tomorrow!
I wanted to announce my excitement here!!!
but as i am typing, i don't know if it's meant to be a SURPRISE guest,
i can't blab.



Anonymous said...

加油!!!Waiting for Star Tour DVD Haha.. said...

is it leehom ??? since he wil also be in town for HKPO?

Anonymous said...

i just saw the concert! awesome show!! i literally jumped out of my seat when amei introduced the special guest ;)

great job!

Unknown said...

Great show!
Cheered for you when A-mei did the introductions :)
Also, here's a photo for you, from my seat! Guess where I sat :D


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