Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i-weekly interview... @ casual poet!

in the xmas week issue of I-weekly, we are Almost Famous...

myself, carrie and diya!


thanks poh choo for the beautiful afternoon...
she took time out to listen to us,
we shared about how we grew up, grew different from the past,
how we are dealing with our present,
and how we we want our future to be like.

this interview was filled with much laughter, even tears...

carrie and I knew each other... about 5 or 6 years back maybe?
we were in the same singing class in Music Forest, from Ocean Butterflies.

diya was my junior in NTU's School of Communication,
and was practically enslaved to my Final Year Project!
she was one who couldn't say no to helping friends, and in fact always the first to offer help...

in fact, during my brief stint in Project Superstar,
3 of us hung out together ... and carrie and diya grew closer when i left! haha

and they went straight to the top of the competition, clinching 1st and 2nd of the female category! :)

History aside,
we spent hours at Casual Poet for the interview,
and we all drawn to the cosy nook of a cafe, thronged with independent music, books, stationary,
perfect for lazy afternoons catching up with old friends, looking out the window, deciding what to eat...

there are tons of such cafes in Taiwan,
but so few in Singapore!

we don't need more glitzy cafes,
we want more independent style!

Open from 12pm-11pm,
273B New Bridge Road
It's on the 2nd floor above some block corner kopitiam :)

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Anonymous said...

i saw it at last week i-weekly


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