Monday, April 21, 2008

190408 David Tao Concert in Singapore

4am rush of blood to my head despite extreme fatigue:

now who said Singapore fans are dead/cold/boring?
enough of that already!

the crowd at the Singapore show ROCKED!

they were pretty much making noises whenever the music died down,
and that i honestly don't hear in some other cities!

some of my friends sitting farther back
thought the crowd only got going near the end,
but at least from MY perspective on stage, it was really kick-ass.

right before the show,
we were still discussing with DT backstage,
about audience reactions etc. and he definitely had his reservations about Singapore's; everyone in the band did.

but when he appeared,
he had such a great reception and so much cheering was going on
compared to what I've heard elsewhere
(especially since the 1st song was so quiet)
i could tell that he was really blown away :D

i'm proud!

and before i KO,
i just wanna say one more thing to end this barrage,
it had been a long time since i felt nervous for DT's show
(after all we've been doing it for years)
omg. it was the attack of the hometown vibes.
alll mental, all in the head.

but it went away for good, about after the 3rd song. LOL.

ok. gonna crash.
tired to bits!!! will update photos when I can.
gonna bring elisa out for some uniquely singapore experience tmr :)


Anonymous said...

heyhey dun be nervouS! jiayou =D

rest well and take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

yay!!!! finally there's a difference in the audience of sg! haha, really had a wonderful time! something i have not experienced in other countries... ;)
rest well and hope to see you soon again! :)


:: sixtwentyseven :: said...

Saw your performance 2 years ago and comparing with last sat's performance, I'd say you've definitely improved!

Anonymous said...

hey kewei! today unable to go the performance place that you will be performing, sorry! end school quite late, unable to rush down. haiz! cya other day! maybe 2mr! =D
take care and try to get more rest.


Unknown said...

Hey, DT and the whole band rocks. My friends and I had a wonderful night. Thumbs up. We were screaming and shouting all the way. Throat feel so sore after that. haha


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome concert!
And the audience was the most responsive I've seen to date.

Do check out my review

CHARISMA said...


I was there too, and the concert totally rock, I had a whale of a time, so much of fun, woot!

And gosh, you and Elisa so pretty!!!!

Actually I was in S'pore Love Can too, and I must say, I think you improved, sounding better this time round.

JiaYou to you!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Awesome concert indeed ! Great performance of the whole band... its totally refreshing to hear every member of the band sing!

As for kewei, there's still plenty of room for improvement on singing... might sound okay on the backup parts but really so so for the duet. And please... never ever appear again without make-up...

Anonymous said...

the concert after effects is still with me!!! enjoyed the show very much...was sitting at the 4th row, somewhere in the centre, standing almost thru out. think you did great, thou you do looked nervous at some point, keep it up! proud to see a fellow sporean and NTUian making a promenient impact in the music scene! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Kewei, you sing really well! I was sitting at the 3rd row...if you can remember i wave to you. The concert was so fantastic!! But i think DT is getting more and more cheeky ah... hahah. I watched 2 concerts in HK tour too... too bad i cant go for the Shanghai one.Pls... pls... Come Malaysia for the concert too!! Take care-lah~

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey kewei, u did a great job on saturday!! u did spore proud, along with the others!

glen said...

hahahahas!!! omgosh.. i was so sitting at the wrong part of the indoor stadium. (just behind the pa crew) the crowd was so disappointing! but david and band didnt! haa. its so nice.. so fun to hear all his songs over and over again and never getting tired of it. its just so different.. david's concert compared to the others. its not even about himself. its about the band. the music. haa. really an awesome experience. except for the crowd.. hmmm. hahahaa. oh ya. then dance medley was really nice. "i feel good!" hahahs! =))

Ying Jian said...

Hey, i've attended DT's concert and was wowwed by ur singing. Heard that u've a blog and performing live from a fren. Hope to cya singing live soon~!! Cheers to music lurvers~!! =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great vocals! And of course the great show thru-out... I was screaming away... glad to be one of the screaming people.. hahaha!! :P Enjoyed myself!! *smirk*

K said...

see you soon serene!

thanks jkaiz. if i hadn't i would shoot myself!

cheers kaslyn! you're not the only one :)

thanks kormandos for your review link! nice!

thanks chris! glad u had fun!!

to anon! thanks for your critique! you're kinda mean re the makeup part but i can take it haha!

thanks to mercuria :) "at some pt" hahaha

thanks maylin! yah DT is getting flirty isnt he :)

hi glen! the dance medley is sooo rockin high.....

hi yingjian! drop by my gigs! there's tons of them! haha!

thank you aloysius zen, i love screamy ppl. they rock my world :)


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