Thursday, November 26, 2009

Official Order Form for Kewei & Einein's Acoustic EP

December 16- Debut showcase in Hong Kong.

As we brainstormed for this show,
we decided to leave something tangible behind for our dear Hong Kong friends and supporters -
and the idea of our 1st RAW Acoustic EP was born.
计划当儿,想出了制作手工版raw acoustic ep这个点子,好让这次的表演留下些纪念。:)

Featuring 3 originals. :)
1 English, 2 Mandarin tracks.

This is a raw, home-made EP that will not be officially distributed,
we will only be printing limited copies BASED ON ORDERS.

We'll sign on every one of them!
我们会在每一张单曲上签名! :)

Only available throught MAIL-ORDER.

Payment Details 付款详情:
S$8.00 per CD (excluding delivery)
每张新币S$8.00 (不包括邮费)

Delivery charges vary -
In Singapore (via Paypal or iBanking/ATM transfer) - S$2 additional
Outside of Singapore (via Paypal) - S$5 additional
新加坡以内 (通过paypal, 或者 iBanking/ATM trasnfer - 大约新币$2 )
国外 (通过paypal - 大约新币$5)

Your Name 您的大名
Your Email Address 电邮地址
Number of Copies 买多少张呢?
Mailing Address 邮寄地址
Mode of Payment 付款方式

Comments 留言
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Vincent Bei said...

do we need to fill this up if we email previously?

K said...

nope! :p sorry for the confusion!

Unknown said...

And we need to fill out this form if we have emailed but got no replies yet?

K said...

hi michael, no need to fill out the form again! i havent replied because the EPs are not ready yet. it'll most probably only be delivered next year :)


Anonymous said...

what account do we have to transfer the money to? ^^

Angel said...

where can I buy the ticket for your showcase in HK and where are you holding your show ? is it possible to buy your EP in your showcase ?

Jaslin said...

Hi Angel,

Will you be going to Kewei's showcase in HK? I'm keen but no one to go with...hoping to find someone to attend the showcase together....

ayl said...

would you be able to ship to canada? =D

K said...

hi anon, wld provide account details in email reply after your order.

angel, you cna buy it at :) sure, hopefully our EP would be done in time for HK!

ayl, yes we can ship to canada! :)

cy said...

if come find ya at walawala on dec1, will your ep be ready alr? haha.

Deliri said...

wow, you are so cool, i cant wait for your EP haha ^^" said...

hi! ep is still in the making!!! it's not out yet :p so it won't be here on dec 1... :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei:

I just ordered the EP, it is still possible to get one?


Anonymous said...

finaly i found ur blog...i wan to buy ur ep...
erm..i m from malaysia-penang..
can i use bank in ??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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