Thursday, November 5, 2009

headphones are love

i don't often get a chance to wear them out,
but i absolutely adore these.
the louder the better.

i got them in the mail from the States.

following which,
i got these skullcandy paul frank ones for a favourite friend as her wedding gift! much love to shihan & yc!
i never bought a gift so perfect for anyone before, i believe :)


just one of those days that i had to...

for your viewing pleasure, these are some i shortlisted:

from skullcandy


from aerial7
(i preferred this but it was out of stock!)


MF said...

They are so pretty!!!

Cookie Monster said...

Me love pretty cookies! *munch munch munch*

Julie L. said...

Hey Kewei you can check out Skullcandy headphones at HMV in SG! I think they carry quite a comprehensive range of designs.

Rainbow Connection! said...

Skullcandy Skullcrushers FTW!!!

Walter said...

"the louder the better"? :)

Unknown said...

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