Tuesday, November 24, 2009

updates on EP

hi loves,

as you know, this is an EP in the making
as we prep for our show in Hong Kong!

so apologies for the scant details...
i am making them up as i go along!

thank you for the overwhelming support i have received in my Inbox!
even though you have no idea what your are BUYING!

peeps, this is a RAW, ACOUSTIC, HOMEMADE EP of 3 originals (1 English, 2 Mandarin)
and this is as home-made as it can get.




Q. How do I make payment?
A. Paypal, and ATM/internet-banking transfer for locals.
Details will be given in my email replies soon!

Q. What is the expected delivery date?
A. At this point, I'm looking to get the final copies before I leave for Hong Kong in mid- December, and I figured to mail anything out in the Christmas season will be rather silly,
so perhaps in 2010 as a New Year present? :p

Q. What's the deadline for ordering?
A. There is no definite deadline, but like I mentioned, this will be a limited edition! (ie. I would not be looking at reprints).
So I will be estimating the total number of copies to be printed by the response I get from email-orders.
So to answer your question, if there are no more copies by the time you order, ... you'd know that you were too late... :p

Q. Can I pay by Cash on Delivery?
A. If you prefer, you can try to get a copy from me when you see me at Wala Wala. :) But I won't be lugging many copies around, I think.

Once again, thanks for supporting us all the way!
Will be keeping you updated with our progress!


Kewei & Einein


nao said...

a show in HK? woh i am in! fill us in when you have the details!

nony said...

@kiwi: You're gonna get lots of treats after this!


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